The Interestment Awards 2015

Well done guys…

Fey and Poehler

Everyone’s hyped because it’s AWARDS SEASON, and after the muted response to last year’s Interestment Awards, which I put down to a mixture of shock and awe on your part, I thought I’d do them again. So without any more words in this paragraph, or any further ado (whatever ado is) here are the best things from the last however long… imagine they’re being hosted by Steve Martin.

The Kurt Vonnegut Award for Best Easy-to-Read Book When You’re In a Rush

One More Thing: Short Stories and Other Stories by B.J Novak

One More Thing

There have been lots of great short story collections throughout the history of time, all of which entirely appeal to agitated minds that can barely read long surnames let alone really long works of fiction. This collection, from one of the US Office writers, has some very very wonderful moments and you will LOL (Lots of Love) from your mouth.

The Jean Ralphio Award for Best Cameo in a Sitcom

Jean Ralphio in Parks and Recreation

Scene stealing cameos are massive currency in Hollywood, to the point where most people would rather be Ed Norton in Birdman than actual Birdman in Birdman (you should see Birdman). Jean Ralphio in Parks and Rec proves that you don’t necessarily need a large beard, clown shoes and tight leather trousers to be hilarious.

The Jerry Seinfeld Award for Best Internet Chat Show Featuring Cars

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians in Cars

It’s been going for a while now, but as internet shows about comedians in cars getting coffee go, this is definitely in the top three. Jerry Seinfeld drives around talking to people like Louie CK or David Letterman about their life and their work and their plight. It’s basically another show about nothing – he’s done it again!

The Not-Serial Award for Best Podcast for Funseekers

How Did This Get Made?

How did this get made

Serial was good, but strong as it was, the plinky plonky music and soft narration are two of my biggest ‘fall to sleep’ buzznoises – they hark back to a time when my parents used to try to bore me to sleep with their spoken word laments. Now I crave energy and comedy to keep me alert and this podcast about films is like taking a fun bus to Joke City.

The Daring Fashion Risk Award for Best Men’s Hat of the Year

The Black Beret


This hasn’t caught on yet but every molecule of my being is convinced that at some point very soon men will start wearing berets, and not just for jokes. So far I’ve worn mine on about three occasions and I’ve had to quickly remove it and hide it in my pocket every single time because I thought I saw someone I knew. Note to self: must gain confidence.

The Spent Money in Record Shops Award for Best Song

Cody ChesnuTT, Serve this Royalty

Now that I can’t watch CD:UK in my jimjams every Saturday, my knowledge of modern music is tenuous and the exact opposite of ‘on the pulse’ – technically speaking, it’s actually ‘off the pulse’. Hence I like to celebrate songs from any old era and this year I stumbled across this old record from 2002 and I LOVE it. One of the best soul songs of that last nine hundred years and I base that on having heard all of them.

The Rumbling Stomach Award for Best Food

Chocolate Orange Digestives

Chocolate Orange Digestives

Once a generation a surprise marriage of established food stuffs comes along and smacks you in the chops. Peanut butter and Jam – who saw that one coming?? Caramel and salt – caramel and SALT?? Hamburgers and cheese – whatburgers and WHAT? And now THIS. The greatest biscuit of them all with ORANGE FLAVOURED chocolate. A game changer.

The Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Award for Being Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

These gals had this one sewn up from the get-go – although they were run quite close by Lena Dunham and Bill Burr – because on current form they’re the best comedians in showbiz. Proof that your funny bone isn’t located in your dick.

The Reebok Classics Award for Best Reebok Classics

Reebok Classics


Traditionally Shoe of The Year is a hard fought slog between Reebok Classics and Clarks Originals, but this year a nice big pair of winter boots almost barged their way in. And then, like an old man grasping desperately at plankton in an angry ocean, I realised that you just can’t keep these Reeboks down. Still the best shoes in the world.

The Annual Michael Laudrup Award for Best Athlete

Michael Laudrup

Michael Laudrup took the award last year for his sterling work as a footballer in the 1990s, and despite some strong shouts, this award will probably never go to anyone else. Let’s take the annual look at the above clip.


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