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  • Classic Raps: Wu-Tang Clan

    Wu-Tang Clan, Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

    Every Tuesday we like to pull our trousers down to the outward tip of our buttocks, grab a massive bottle of beer, then limp around town growling at people. It wasn’t always that way, but that’s only because we hadn’t yet been introduced to the RZA, the GZA, Old Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, U-God, d’Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis, Scarecrow, Titch, Ringo, Method Man, and the Ghostface Killah. Aka. The Wu-Tang Sisters. Above is one of their finest moments.

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  • Live music, Twitter, Facebook, comedy, TV…

    Hello, Miss Punchy


    For those of you with appetites whetted but nowhere to sink your fangs, we have been doing odds and ends for the wonderful grown up gossip site Hecklerspray – which, by the way, we shall be guest editing later in the month, more on that nearer the time. This week, we decided to honour the approaching end of festival season by looking at some rather intriguing live performers. WARNING: Includes a Winehouse face jab.

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  • Album covers analysed: Ghostface Killah

    Oh dear, an uncomfortable meal…

    Ghostface Killah

    It’s always brilliant to hear from an important member of the luxurious Interestment family, so we punched fists, spat on the ground with glee, and mumbled ‘sup? when Hip Hop Sam piled onto the scene brandishing a funny album cover. He had this to say…

    Ghostface Killah‘s album cover for Bulletproof Wallets depicts the aftermath of the most embarrassing moment in hip hop history. Raekwon the Chef, fresh from his three mile morning jog has popped over to his best friend, Ghostface Killah’s house for a spot of breakfast, a girly chat and a nice big glass of freshly squeezed OJ. But, sadly, his timing couldn’t have been more appalling. Judging by the awkward look on Raekwon‘s face we can only assume that he’s just caught a glimpse of Ghostface Killah‘s morning penis “popping out” of his loosely tied dressing gown. Gutted. Here’s a track from the album…

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  • Album covers analysed: Wu-Tang Clan, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

    Be afraid, hip hoppers…


    By the early 1990s, rap album covers went in one of two directions: guns or pastel colours. The guns signified hardcore raps about killing people and then having sex with someone, whereas the pastel colours meant that some social issues were going to be covered. Perhaps using humour as a tool. We prefered the conscious pastel coloured rap, especially as some of the guys with the guns had sparkling jheri curls, which just made them look like violent grandmothers. A silly look. But that all changed in 1993, when the Wu-Tang Clan came along, and suddenly the trannies with uzies looked almost kindly and adorable. These guys – Raekwon, ODB, Method Man, Ghostface, GZA, Scarecrow, The Face Man, BA, Murdock, and Ringo – were terrifying and mysterious, taking their style from obscure martial arts films. It was totally thrilling, and the sleeve found them kitted out like demonic ninjas prowling stealthily in a strange part-dark/part-shiny room with a massive curtain at the end. Was this one of the chambers? The 36 chambers? What are the chambers of death anyway? A fantastic record. Below is one of their classic tracks…

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Rap Groups

    Some tough guys didn’t make it…


    When you break it down, rap groups are little circles of thoughtful poets singing to one another. It’s quite sweet really. Only, in some cases, their ditties tend to be about shooting people in the face and enjoying streetside oral intercourse. Wordsworth, they ain’t. We’re massive rap fans, so coming up with a top four groups was near impossible. In the end we had to toss Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and NWA overboard. The biggest fight of all revolved around Brand Nubian, who sadly just missed the cut as well. Here’s who made it…

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    1. Main Source


    An early 90s crew, these guys essentially only made one album, Breaking Atoms, but it might just be the greatest hip hop album of all time. Made up of the legendary Large Professor, K-Cut, Mikey D, and Sir Scratch, Main Source also introduced the world to Nas (greatest ever?) on the track, Live at The Barbeque. Amazing band.

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