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  • BRAND NEW SITE: Celebrity Clown Face

    It’s celebrities, but with clown faces


    Here at the enormous Interestment offices, we’re constantly in the middle of another think tank, or a jogging meeting, attempting to churn out new weird and wonderful ideas for websites. Normally they’re totally awful – like Cats With Guns, or Man or Mouse? – but every so often we stumble across something dazzling and beautiful, such as Celebrity Clown Face. The idea is simple: take a picture of a famous person, then use your artistic side to make their face clown-like. Then send your personalised piece of art to [email protected], from whence it shall be added to the magnificent gallery/circus.

    As they say in the business, get clowning!

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  • Happy Birthday Chuck Norris, here’s some political comedy!

    Stewart Lee, Political Correctness

    And so Chuck Norris turns 69 today. He will, as a bible-bashing maniac, be disturbed to find that he shares today with Osama Bin Laden, and Sharon Stone – the sexy young heathen who once famously flashed her unmentionables in a film. Poor mud-brained Chuck. We thought we’d buy him a present, and after lots of intense debating, it boiled down to either the banjo used by the kid in Deliverance, or a clip of some brilliant thinking man’s comedy. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Chuck!

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