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  • When guys look SUPERCOOL!

    Known only as “The Pack”…

    The Pack

    There’s nothing like being in a tough street gang. Some define themselves by using violence, some by wearing the same clothes. Others define themselves by music, specifically hard beats and aggressive raps. Above is an example of Option Three.

    (Courtesy of Sexy People)

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  • When people’s dads look DELIGHTFUL

    Aww, look at Mr Tilton…


    Unfortunately, in the press and on television, sometimes dads get a tough ride. They’re portrayed as clumsy idiots, or as mean, stone hearted control freaks who don’t know how to love. Well, not Mr Tilton, pictured here with his family – he’s sticking two fingers up at the media, his face saying: “I love my family, I love my life, and I ADORE having my picture taken.” Good for you Mr Tilton. Good for you.

    (Courtesy of our friends at Sexy People)

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 12

    Look at Robert!


    Some days everything just clicks. You’ve got your best jacket on, you’ve got the two-tone effect in your hair that you’ve been saving up for, and your moustache has reached peak level brilliance. Time to go out and get seriously laid.

    (Thanks to our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When pets make you look SENSITIVE

    Tough Guy Alert!


    Some of us are born looking like tough guys. Take Ralph (above). He’s got a dangerous set of specs, a Herculean beard, some macho hair – he could be terrifying. But then your eyes dart downwards to the small cat nestling happily in his knitwear and everything becomes clear. Ralph’s a big sweet softie. Bless Ralph.

    (Courtesy of our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When gang members look SCARY

    Meet Shannon


    The streets are like a battle field, everyone showing their colours, the air thick with the fumes of freshly used bullets. You need to look tough to scare off any potential dangers. Shannon here has got the right idea.

    (Courtesy of our friends at Sexy People)

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  • When haircuts look MAGNIFICENT

    This is Jason


    Some days you’ve got it, some days you just don’t got it. You know those ones, when your hair is playing up, unsure whether to be longer at the back, shorter on the top, or the other way round. It’s a nightmare. Not a problem for some people though. Some people have just always got it. See above.

    (Courtesy of our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When Batman fans look FANTASTIC!

    After three, pout. One, two… three!


    Batman, as people now know, was a brooding, complicated soul. An orphan, a creature of the night. Haunted, misunderstood, angry. It’s sometimes impossible to encapsulate that vibe on camera, and yet – every once in a while – someone manages to capture it perfectly. See above.

    (Courtesy of our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 11

    Hello girls


    Looking fabulous is all about having confidence. Worried about how that polo neck might look? To hell with it, put it on! Feeling a bit iffy about that cardigan you bought when you were glue sniffing? Damn it man, just wear it! Can’t decide whether to wear your grandmother’s ring or not? Here’s a decision – yes, do it! Unsure whether your moustache suits your latest two-looks haircut? There’s only one way to find out… etc…

    Brett here is a trifle overconfident.

    (Courtesy of our friends at Sexy People)

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  • When shades look TREMENDOUS!

    Meet Fritz…


    No shopping is more daunting than shades shopping – so many styles, so many variables. Most of us, to be honest, get it wrong. But not Fritz here. He strode in knowing exactly what would suit his strong moustache-and-tweed look. He got it RIGHT.

    (Courtesy of our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When street gangs look TERRIFYING!

    Look away, cowards


    We all seem to think that hoodies are so frightening with their hooded jumpers and white plimsolls, but they’re nothing on the vicious street kids of yesteryear. Above it the terrifying proof. Shudder.

    (Courtesy of our friends at Sexy People)

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  • When knitted jumpers just WORK!

    Say “hello gorgeous” to Vincenza


    Only certain people can carry off a busy knitted jumper, and this woman is one of them. It takes a certain style, a certain grace, a certain je ne sais quoi – which is French for we’re not sure, by the way. Beautiful.

    (Courtest of our friends at Sexy People)

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  • When going to the gym PAYS OFF!

    Meet Jens


    For many of us hitting the gym is akin to self-harm – why would anyone want to do it to themselves? And then someone like Jens (above) comes along, and all our doubts and questions are answered. Working out makes you look tough.

    (Thanks to our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When technology looks EXCELLENT

    Meet Bernard


    These days, kids feed their status by mooching around town with their iPhones, and their portable gaming console things. Back in the early 90s, however, it was all about computer discs. All about computer discs.

    (courtesy of our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 10



    Every so often, the planets just seem to align, and you’ll find yourself with the perfect hairstyle, the greatest jumper, and the most scintillating moustache possible. Above is a man called Robbie going through that exact moment of total elation. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

    (Thanks to our pals at Sexy People)

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 9

    Matt, USA


    A moustache can act as a terrific distraction. Say you don’t want your friends to notice that you’ve combined two different hairstyles, for example…

    (Courtesy of the excellent Sexy People)

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 7

    Chad, USA


    We’ve all been there – naked from the waste up, just a bow tie on, the wind gently lapping against your mullet. But what’s missing? Chad here finishes the jigsaw with a fine looking moustache. Beautiful.

    (Courtesy of our buddies at Sexy People)

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