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  • Second hand bargain: A tweed jacket

    Make no mistake, this is excellent value


    Next time you’re sprinting past your local second hand charity shop, pull on the breaks, take a breather, and check out the clothes section. Yes, there is the distinct possibility that people died in them, but just think of those stiff, silent corpses as particularly accurate mannequins and everything will be alright. A good friend of ours, tentatively known as Alex, found a fantastic knock down bargain at his local Scope – a nice tweed jacket for a fiver. “I’m quite hard to shop for, because I’m plump but not fat,” he told us. And in his words, the coat itself is an “excellent fit.” Five pounds for a jacket – nice sticking-it-to-the-recession, Alex!

    Let us know about your bargains with a comment below…

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