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  • Thursday Love Song: The Chiffons

    The Chiffons, He’s So Fine

    You’ll recognise the more avid members of the Interestment family, as they’ll be the ones at work who smell slightly of baby oil, and appear to have sprinted to the office this morning without showering. That’s because they know how sexual Thursdays are, so they will have set the alarm for around 2am, and squeezed in six or seven hours of tantric sex before work. Just you watch them leg it the minute the clock strikes 5pm. It’s a very sexy day which we always celebrate with a song. Today, it’s the turn of The Chiffons and their marvelous ode to a boy they really really fancy.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Small Faces

    Small Faces, Hey Girl

    Regulars to the site will have pre-prepared for today, it being the official day of sensuality and lustiness. They might have packed a spare pair of underpants in with their packed lunch, a few candles, some rose petals, a flask of oysters. Perhaps they’re off to the pictures later with a young Doris from accounts? After that they might enjoy a nice fish supper before getting a leg-over down by the canal. That’s probably how the above young smoothies did it back in the olden times.

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  • Anyone fancy reading about Big Brother lovers?

    Wow, quite a few of you, then…


    For those of you still craving some more words, we have been writing bits and pieces for the grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week, we thought we’d talk a little bit about the romances seen in the Big Brother house over the last ten years – the Big Brother lovers. Including Saskia and Maxwell, Paul and Helen, Makosi and the little disco prat, and more. Read all about that here.

    And, should you be all zany and futuristic feel free to first join our Facebook group, and then follow us around on Twitter. Come on, join the gang!

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  • Thursday Love Song: Glen Campbell

    Glen Campbell, Wichita Lineman

    Today’s love song comes courtesy of Glen Campbell, a fine guitarist with a voice like delicious honey. Here, he’s bored at work and yearning to be back with his lover, presumably in a fleshy clinch of some sort. Beautiful.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Jennifer Rush

    Jennifer Rush, The Power of Love

    When it comes to romance, it really doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, how big your teeth might be, or what part of your throat you like to sing from. Romance, you see, comes from a secret compartment just next to your heart, called your soul. It’s amazing, and this Thursday we’ve turned to a woman who looks like an estate agent to lube up our ventricles. It’s Jennifer Rush, everyone.

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