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  • Showbusiness: Robbie Williams, Take That, Miserable Woman

    Ahhh, the weird old days…

    Take THat

    Nothing karate chops your underpants more than watching a good friend transform into a superstar. One minute, they’re sitting in a pub with you, laughing at your joke about a rabbit going into a butcher’s shop, the next minute, you’re shouting the same joke at them from behind a red rope which divides “people” from “very important people”. They’re french kissing three girls at a time, you’re in tears clutching a bottle of Becks that you found on a table. They don’t know you anymore. Damn it, you don’t know you any more. You’re going to need some fresh jokes.

    All of which leads us very conveniently to Robbie Williams, who has been scattering clues all over the place to suggest that he might be rejoining his old band, Take That. The same Take That who stood behind the velvet rope watching Williams romping his way through a cordoned-off, much fancier section of the club, for years. Metaphorically speaking. But now, of course, they’ve been allowed access to the VIP bit, whilst Robbie’s probably straddling the rope, career-wise. Will he make it back into the fancier areas of the club? Will they stop fondling fake bosoms and even notice him now? Is this metaphor really tiring yet? It quite probably is. The point being that Williams is hedging his bets. He’s got a solo album coming out, which might bomb now that his ex-colleagues have been granted a second blast in the sunshine, so it looks like a good back-up plan to sew rumour seeds of a possible full reunion. It will be interesting to see if he bothers re-entering the fold should his next outing succeed. Either way, showbiz desks around the land have become dizzy with glee over this. Absolutely dizzy.

    In other news, Alesha Dixon is still souring everyone’s milkshakes with her clueless, meandering assessments on Strictly… And Lacey Turner from Eastenders won a prize at an award’s show, and has left the entire celebrity world agog by not looking too cheerful about it. What is her PROBLEM?


  • Second hand bargain: Loads of books

    Like, literally loads…


    Mind and body have always maintained an awkward relationship, with one keen to sit down and read, while the other wants to bounce around doing stuff. It’s tricky to find that middle ground. Hence why it’s rare that you’ll meet a body sculptor with much to say, or an English professor with a couple of growling pectorals threatening to burst through his sensible shirt. It’s pretty much one or the other. In this cruel financial downturn, however, body is beginning to take an upper hand, as withered businessmen fight to fend off the post-traumatic stress of getting fired by jogging in parks, or sitting on roadsides bench pressing old bricks or discarded Coke cans. They can’t afford to feed their minds, making for some strange, rather stupid, times. Times that are so weird and mean that we dance for joy whenever we hear about intellectual bargains. Just this weekend, a very high ranking member of the Interestment family stumbled upon an old charity shop flogging books for 10p each – and not just your rubbish Robbie Williams and Sharon Osbourne biogs either. These guys had Salinger, Bukowski, Hemingway, Rushdie, Amis, Oliver. All the good stuff. And thus, a bag was stuffed to the brim, and a doddering old lady behind the counter demanded “£1.40”. She was given £1.50 and told to keep the change.

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession! Take THAT body!

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  • Anyone fancy reading about THE STARS!

    Okay, most of you then…


    For those of you still hungry for meat, we have been doing odds and ends for the excellent grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week we decided to take a hilarious sideways look at celebrity makeovers, featuring the tubby girl from Steps, River Phoenix’s brother, Winehouse, and a member of the original Take That. Have a look for yourself here.

    In other news, we are now pretty big movers and shakers on The Face Room and Tweet Please. Follow us.

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  • The biggest celebrity maniacs…

    Including one of these total nutters


    For those of you still craving more, we have been doing little bits and pieces for the wonderful people of Hecklerspray. This week, we decided to focus on those strange celebrities who look like they might just lash out at any given moment. The unhinged ones. In the group – Turner (above), Moyles, Abdul, Halliwell, Holden, and, naturally, Robbie Williams. See what we had to say about that here.

    Plus, we are on Face-Face and Tweetsies.

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  • Album covers analysed: Take That, The Circus

    It’s a curious, poignant title…


    Take That, a band christened at the height of youth, their band name so punchy and cocksure that you couldn’t help but fall in love with these guys. There was the tiny midget one, the two window cleaners, Pavarotti, and, of course, the great American comedian, Robin Williams. They were fantastic, and for a while there, we thought we’d lost them for good. But no, they’ve returned to our hearts, leaner, more stubbly, and slightly thinning. They sound almost exactly like Coldplay. This cover, for their fifth studio album, finds the lads walking along what appears to be electric cables on a summers afternoon, perhaps in a field somewhere, or it could be by the side of a motorway. Either way, it’s totally irresponsible, made all the more insulting by Mark’s confusing outfit decisions – a vest and a scarf. How can it be warm enough for a vest, and yet cold enough for a scarf? Does he have the flu? And why choose the tightrope anyway? Clowns are much better. It has been argued that the tightrope is a clever metaphor for the delicate nature of a career in the limelight, where one slip and splat, you’re finished. They may have a point.

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    Below is our favourite song by Take That. Ironically sung by the one with serious speech issues.

  • Happy Birthday Robbie Williams, here’s The Jerk!

    Steve Martin, The Jerk

    Robbie Williams, what a life that guy is having. First he was in Take That, then he decided to go it alone and did really well. Then he seemed to get gradually sadder and more upset, as if no amount of luxury jacuzziing could wash away the pain of being a successful millionaire living in Los Angeles. So, this year, for his 35th birthday, we thought we’d go about really cheering him up, but as usual we were torn about what to get him. It boiled down to a toss up between a visit from a friendly clown, or a clip of Steve Martin in The Jerk. In the end, we got him both! Happy Birthday Robbie Williams!

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: British Male Solo Stars

    No room for Lennon, nor McCartney


    At one stage The Brit Awards became ridiculous – okay, yes, more ridiculous – when no one seemed capable of finding a Best Male. Phil Collins won it perhaps fifty times, then Paul Weller took it every year for about sixteen years, then Tom Jones got it, and then Robbie Williams became a national treasure because of his cheeky grin, and that was that. They just seemed either so thin on the ground, or they were Sting. This got us to thinking, who would our four Best British Males be? We came up with this rabble…

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    1. Joe Cocker

    Joe Cocker

    Probably the best blue eyed soul voice ever to come out of Sheffield, his cover of With a Little Help From My Friends made him huge, as did his strange habit of looking like a man in the grip of a breakdown whenever he sang. Completely brilliant.

    Read more…