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  • Great British Band: The Raincoats

    The Raincoats, Fairytale in the Supermarket

    We love an all-girl post punk band, and they don’t come much more all-girl and post punk than The Raincoats. Unless you count The Slits. Both brilliant bands, above is The Raincoats first ever single – all about love and grocery shopping – which was released in 1979 on the now legendary Rough Trade label. Noisy, excellent stuff.

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  • Great British Band: The Cure

    The Cure, Boys Don’t Cry

    The Cure looked like a gang of Edward Scissorhands impersonators making records, and that’s just one of the reasons that we think they’re great. Above is their most popular song, which is also a bit of a fib. Some boys cry all the damn time.

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  • Great British Band: The Pop Group

    The Pop Group, She is Beyond Good and Evil

    Anyone who’s had the pleasure of visiting the West Country will already be fully aware that sometimes you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – even though it talks like a farm hand, it appears to be quoting Nietzsche. Above is The Pop Group from Bristol. A fine band.

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  • Great British Band: Orange Juice

    Orange Juice, Rip It Up

    Orange Juice were totally brilliant. A gang of Scottish guys, with Edwyn Collins leading the group, they managed to mix excellent Chic guitars with Collins’ weird crooning singing style. The results – magnifico!

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  • Great British Band: New Order

    New Order, Temptation

    The Jam or The Style Council? The Beatles or Wings? Small Faces or Humble Pie? These are debates that will rage for centuries to come. As will this one – Joy Division or New Order? Both exactly the same band, only one with a strange jerking lead singer, the other with an additional lady. Our vote goes to the latter.

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  • Great British Band: Gang of Four

    Gang of Four, To Hell With Poverty

    Time was when you could go for a job interview in a stuffy office during the afternoon, then head off to perform on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the evening without bothering to change. Above are the completely brilliant post-punkers from Leeds, Gang of Four.

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: All-girl bands

    No room for the Pussycat Dolls, weirdly…


    These days you can’t turn a simple corner without bumping into at least three girls with guitars on their way to another gig. Or some heavily made up chicks in matching lingerie talking to Swedish electroclash producers. And yet, there was a time when you’d need to trawl through wastelands just to find a drummer with a pair of tits. Here are Interestment’s favourite all-girl rock and pop groups:

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    1. ESG


    The Scroggins sisters hail from sunny New York city, the notorious South Bronx to be precise. In the late 70s, they picked up some instruments and began to produce heavy bass driven, rhythmic post-punk music. Thirty years later, and they are still completely brilliant.

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