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  • Thursday Love Song: James Taylor

    James Taylor, Close Your Eyes

    That’s right, site regulars, it’s Thursday. That means you’ve probably added an extra coil to the spring in your step – you know it’s the sexiest day of the week. So what you got in your bag there? Some baby oil? A couple of Michael Bolton long players? Yeah, you’ve got some dried rose petals. No doubt. You know the drill. It’s going to be a long sensual evening, make no mistake about it. To get you in the mood, here’s James Taylor singing a song about being in love. So, unbuckle your trousers, dim the office lights, perhaps undo your shirt so that everyone can see your pubic trail, and enjoy…

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  • Thursday Love Song: Mtume

    Mtume, Juicy Fruit

    Site regulars will have prepared for today, in the knowledge that Thursday is by far the sexiest day of the week. They might have packed an overnight bag, crammed with bubble bath, soft margarine, a selection of Kenny G records, some alluring crotchless underpants, a bag of ice, and one condom. Oh yeah, they’ll be paying a lover a visit later. Going around for that booty call. Hence, to get everyone in the mood, here’s Juicy Fruit by Mtume – a song that clearly has little to do with chewing gum.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Aaliyah

    Aaliyah, Rock The Boat

    It’s Thursday, you’re feeling sexy. Those are just the facts, don’t fight them. It’s a known phenomenon amongst site regulars that Thursdays are always extremely sensual, both mentally and physically, and you know that horny feeling in your underpants? It’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with you. So, do yourself a favour, and unbutton your shirt/blouse to a startlingly low level, dim the office lights, take your phone off the hook, and enjoy Aaliyah’s unbelievably unsubtle metaphor about sailing.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Eddie Cochran

    Eddie Cochran, Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie

    Another Thursday rolls around, and as everyone knows, it’s date night – the greatest night of them all. Hence evenings will be spent taking gals to the pictures, or driving up to The Point to look out over the city, then get frisky in the back seat. Some people might even just stay at home smearing great big handfuls of margarine into one another’s underpants. It’s quite a time. And here is Eddie Cochrane, the rock ‘n’ roll singer, who liked to woo his women by teaching them how to dance real pretty.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Terence Trent D’Arby

    Terence Trent D’Arby, If You Let Me Stay

    And lo, another Thursday rolled around, and the people they did rub butter from the lord’s goats and cows into one another’s wanting bosoms and gentlemanly swords crafted of finest human silk. The flower petals watered, the sounds of the prophet Terence Trent D’Arby echoed about the land, his words begging a gentlewoman to hold him in her heart, not discard him like a lowly bread baker.

    Or something.

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  • Thursday Love Song: The Chiffons

    The Chiffons, He’s So Fine

    You’ll recognise the more avid members of the Interestment family, as they’ll be the ones at work who smell slightly of baby oil, and appear to have sprinted to the office this morning without showering. That’s because they know how sexual Thursdays are, so they will have set the alarm for around 2am, and squeezed in six or seven hours of tantric sex before work. Just you watch them leg it the minute the clock strikes 5pm. It’s a very sexy day which we always celebrate with a song. Today, it’s the turn of The Chiffons and their marvelous ode to a boy they really really fancy.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Small Faces

    Small Faces, Hey Girl

    Regulars to the site will have pre-prepared for today, it being the official day of sensuality and lustiness. They might have packed a spare pair of underpants in with their packed lunch, a few candles, some rose petals, a flask of oysters. Perhaps they’re off to the pictures later with a young Doris from accounts? After that they might enjoy a nice fish supper before getting a leg-over down by the canal. That’s probably how the above young smoothies did it back in the olden times.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Lee McDonald

    Lee McDonald, We’ve Only Just Begun

    And so it was that another Thursday rolled around, and the people did smear great big dripping handfuls of baby oil and honey into one another’s thighs, buttocks, and ‘pon the gentlewoman’s soft pale ankles. Twas, after all, the day when moons of lustiness shone bright, hence tongues not only for the speaking. Which basically means everyone did it. Excellent. Above, the barely-known-but-magnificent soul singer Lee McDonald reinterprets The Carpenters.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Jimmy Cliff

    Jimmy Cliff, Many Rivers to Cross

    It’s Thursday, the official day of love. And not just the good kind of love – the love that involves all the massages, the licking, and the erections – we also celebrate the other kind of love. The love that punches you right in the underpants, rips your beating heart from your chest are hurls it into a pot of bubbling chip fat. Yeah, that’s right, the crippling kind. Here, the wonderful Jimmy Cliff soothes his own broken heart with a song about soldiering onwards and upwards against the odds.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Kenny Loggins

    Kenny Loggins, This Is It

    Excellent, Thursday, the sexiest day of the week. To get in the mood, remove your shirt/blouse, slide into a soft silky bath robe, and allow a sweet summer breeze to dance between your thighs. Then listen to Kenny Loggins, as he explains that sometimes you’ve just got to grab love by the balls.

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  • Thursday Love Song: David Crosby

    Triad, David Crosby

    And so Thursday rolls around for another week, looking all sexy and oiled up. That’s your Thursday. It’s a deeply sensual day, so unzip your trousers, turn the desk fan around, and allow the cool breeze to blow directly into your eyes. Today, ex-Byrds man David Crosby sing of his deep love for a beautiful woman… and her friend.

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  • Thursday Love Song: The Crystals

    The Crystals, Then He Kissed Me

    As they used to say – thank goodness it’s Thursday. Not only because it signals that the weekend is looming just upon the horizon – in this case it’s Glastonbury weekend – but also because it’s the sexiest day of the week. So if you’re at work, unbuckle your trousers, dim the lights, perhaps loosen up that blouse. If you’re at a festival take all of your clothes off and smear sensual ointments into your chest. People will love that. Free love, guys. Free love. Today, here’s an ode to snogging from the early 1960s.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Elton John

    Elton John, Amoreena

    And so another Thursday rolls around. We’ve only just recovered from last week’s near-crippling sensuality. But here it is, so unbutton your work slacks and allow the soft whispers to echo around your underpants, perhaps wink at that colleague you’ve always fancied, then suggest that you get together and rub oil into one another’s thighs sometime. It is, after all, the sexiest day of the week. Above, Elton John explains that he misses his woman. He wasn’t gay in the 1970s.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Minnie Riperton

    Minnie Riperton, Inside My Love

    As site regulars know all too well, Thursday is the sexiest day of the week. So rip open your shirt, smear your stomach with baby oil, and allow a cool sensual breeze to dance seductively around your thighs and the ticklish bit just behind your kneecaps. Today, the great Minnie Riperton pretty much spells it out.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Dance Lesson

    Where The Happy People Go

    Wednesdays are usually so dreary and worthless. So limp. But not anymore. In the same way that Tuesdays are now devoted to fantastic Jazz records and inventive ways to take opium, and Thursdays are all about smearing great big handfuls of massage oil into your partner’s buttocks, Wednesdays have been reinvented as the glitzy day of the week. A time for shiny trousers, small talk, and well brushed teeth. We will be celebrating all things Disco. Today, a very useful dance class.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Greg Perry

    Greg Perry, Come on Down

    Brilliant, it’s Thursday. Regulars will know that Thursday is now the official day of sensuality and romance. It’s a time to take your lover fishing, feed them soft French cheeses by a river bank, massage margarine into their buttocks behind a tree, kiss their face without passers-by making comments about getting a room. It’s brilliant. Today, beautiful soul singer Greg Perry makes a desperate plea to his girlfriend to remember that he’s the one that really greases up her left pulmonary artery. She shouldn’t forget that.

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  • Thursday Love Song: The Beatles

    The Beatles, Don’t Let Me Down

    Yes! Thursday! We adore Thursdays, because they’ve been recently declared – by us – the official day of love. A time for romance, snogging, and smearing handfuls of treacle into your lover’s soft thighs. Today, The Beatles explain how there’s a woman out there really watering their testicles. Yoko perhaps?

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  • Thursday Love Song: Glen Campbell

    Glen Campbell, Wichita Lineman

    Today’s love song comes courtesy of Glen Campbell, a fine guitarist with a voice like delicious honey. Here, he’s bored at work and yearning to be back with his lover, presumably in a fleshy clinch of some sort. Beautiful.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Paris

    Paris, I Choose You

    Wow, after all that spitting and rioting yesterday, it’s nice to get to Thursday – the official day of love, candles, steaming hot baths, and rubbing oil into your lover’s thighs. Here’s a track in which a man with an impressively high pitched voice explains to his woman that she’s the one he wants to butter his daily muffins. Sexually speaking.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Luther Vandross

    A house is not a home

    Now that Thursday is the official day of love making, steam rooms, and frantic licking, we’ve decided to post a new love song every single week. Today, the late, great Luther Vandross, uses a metaphor about a simple household chair to inform a loved one that they’re the person that really tightens his trousers. Dim the lights, unbutton your top, and enjoy.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Jennifer Rush

    Jennifer Rush, The Power of Love

    When it comes to romance, it really doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, how big your teeth might be, or what part of your throat you like to sing from. Romance, you see, comes from a secret compartment just next to your heart, called your soul. It’s amazing, and this Thursday we’ve turned to a woman who looks like an estate agent to lube up our ventricles. It’s Jennifer Rush, everyone.

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