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  • Happy Birthday Robin Williams, here’s Steve Brule!

    Brule’s Rules, Boring Ice Cubes

    The comedian/actor Robin Williams is 57 today, so he’ll no doubt be spending the entire evening shouting over the top of his friends in a camp Russian accent, or saying something really arrogant in the deepest voice he can muster to impress some girls on a nearby table. That’s just Williams’ vibe. And, for those wondering, yes, he is our favourite living R. Williams. By quite a long way. Hence, we decided to get him a gift, so we all grew big beards to ensure that critics would take us more seriously as actors, then we sat down to discuss things, making sure that our faces looked warm and friendly, whilst our eyes appeared sad and somehow empty. It wasn’t long before we’d decided to give him either a warm piece of buttered toast, or a clip of the brilliant Dr Steve Brule – played by another funny man/actor, John C Reilly. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Mork from Mork and Mindy!

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  • Happy Birthday Will Ferrell, here’s Step Brothers!

    Step Brothers Bloopers

    The shouty American comic actor Will Ferrell turns a very impressive 41 today, and he’s doing pretty well for himself by all accounts. He’s made everyone laugh with a hilarious Neil Diamond impression, he was brilliant in Anchorman and Old School. But the real jewel in his crown is Step BrothersInterestment’s favourite film of 2008, an underrated gem. Hence, we thought it best to get him a gift, so we all made hats from bits of randomly coloured tissue paper and skipped around town singing ideas to one another, until it boiled down to a toss up between a mug of water mixed with fruit juice, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Step Brothers. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Will Ferrell!

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  • Happy Birthday Charlie Watts, here’s Steve Brule

    Brule’s Rules, Body Odour

    It’s been quite a week for birthdays in The Rolling Stones – Ronnie Wood spent yesterday evening mixing jelly with ice cream whilst repeatedly thanking the rest of The Stones for his marvelous gifts. While today, his cohort Charlie Watts turns 68. And what a 68 years, most of them spent keeping a straight face during Mick Jagger’s mid-song dance solos, which mainly involve leaping around the stage like a child pretending to be a salmon.  Not once has Watts laughed, not once. Hence we thought we should get him a gift, so we scurried to the top of a tree, to where the monkeys live, and spoke in a rare primate dialect until it boiled down to a toss up between a pretend dog dirt to put on stage to throw Jagger, or a funny clip from a television programme. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Watts!

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  • Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson, here’s a video about fighting!

    Dr Steve Brule, Last Resort Fighting

    Women, understandably, adore Jack Nicholson – even though he’s turning 72 today, which makes him old enough to be your cousin’s mum’s father-in-law. It’s all down to that zany haircut he’s been sporting for years, and that smile he used in The Shining to express his demise into insanity. For some reason, those things combined make even the most demure ladies go all wobbly in the knees. Hence, he’s our hero, so we simply had to buy him a gift. We headed to a local burger joint to eat their two-for-one fish burgers, and discussed things long and hard, before it boiled down to a toss up between a packet of cards with pornographic pictures on them, or a clip about fighting. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Jack!

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  • Excellent comedy clip starring John C Reilly!

    Steve Brule and The Griddleman

    UK comedy is going through a funny phase, and not in a good way. Most recently we’ve been enormously disappointed with Stewart Lee’s new TV show – he’s forgotten how to be funny, and has seemingly resorted to Charlie Brooker style sneering, only slower, louder, and repeated over and over again, until you just want to brick up the lounge and be done with it. It’s a genuine shame. On the plus side, our pals over in America still know how to be funny, weird and original. See the proof above.

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  • Happy Birthday Angus Deayton, here’s a funny television report about fruit and veg!

    Dr Steve Brule, Your Green Grocer

    It’s hard to know what to get for someone like Angus Deayton for his 53rd birthday – after all, what could you possibly buy the woman who has everything? It was a toss up between some candles for the bathroom, or a TV report about fruit and veg starring John C Reilly. In the end, we got him both. Happy Birthday Angus!

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Best things about 2008

    In amongst the rubble, these things sparkled


    Man, what a year. No one’s got any money, even bloated city boys have been spotted in McDonalds struggling with the filet-O-fish or some fries conundrum. Lazy no-good rock children are more famous than their parents, and our American pals made a decent presidential choice, even when the alternative would have made for a brilliant Disney film, called Sweet Jesus, Mom’s President! It’s been topsy-turvey, to say the least. But, somehow, one or two amazing beacons of hope have risen to the surface and made us all feel excellent. Alongside Barack Obama (pictured), here are four other reasons to be cheerful about 2008:

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    1. John C. Reilly


    This strange pudgy faced actor is a comedy genius. We already knew he had the dramatic chops – he showed us that in Magnolia and Gangs of New York. But, this year, he really pulled it out of the bag with that Dewey Cox film, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and especially the criminally underrated Step Brothers. It’s probably the film of the year.

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