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  • Tuesday Jazz: James Mason

    James Mason, Sweet Power Your Embrace

    Not to be confused with the man who played Brutus, today’s jazz comes from James Mason – it’s a jazz-funk classic, in which a woman vocally interprets the desperation that ensues following a particularly warm cuddle.¬† Great track.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Roy Ayers

    Roy Ayers, Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    A lo, on the fifth day they listened to excellent jazz music. So says the bible according to Interestment. Today, the fabulous Roy Ayers channels the weather through his magnificent vibraphone.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Dave Brubeck

    Dave Brubeck, Take The A Train

    Yes, it’s Tuesday, and that only means one thing – it’s jazz time. So, reach for the nearest cigarette with pot in it, roll up your trousers, and recline to the sounds of Dave Brubeck. Yum.

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  • Happy Birthday Herb Alpert, here’s your finest song!

    Herb Alpert, Rotation

    He turns 74 today, and like most toddlers, it seems Alpert hasn’t quite settled on what he wants to do when he grows up – he’s listed as a trumpeter, a composer, a singer, a record producer, a theatrical producer, a painter, a sculptor, an astronaut, a fireman, a cowboy, BA Baracus, a golden eagle, and a marine. The guy wants it all, which made deciding on a present double difficult – which, to those not in the know, is twice as difficult as normal. We talked long and hard, until it boiled down to a toss up between a chunky silver watch that looks expensive but is actually totally rubbish and quite cheap, or a video from 1979 of his most brilliant song. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Herb!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Frank Strazzeri

    Cloudburst, Frank Strazzeri

    Nothing goes together quite as superbly as sunshine and aggressive jazz music – except perhaps egg mayo and onions. So, close your eyes, imagine you’re walking around a sundrenched cove somewhere, and enjoy the space-crazy jazz-funk¬† sounds of Frank Strazzeri and his explosive piano. Great record, great.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: John Coltrane

    Naima 1965

    Of course, we’ve declared Tuesday to be the official jazz music day, so sit back, unfurl your beard, warm up the smouldering pipes, and tap slightly off-beat to some classic John Coltrane – here playing his delicious sax. Yum.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Miles Davis

    Miles Davis Quintet, Footprints

    Now that kindly Mr Sunshine and his wife, Mrs Sunshine, have decided that it’s okay to come out, we’ve made a similar decision to seize jazz music from the shadows. Today, Miles Davis dazzles us with his fantastic trumpet.

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  • Listen to Interestment on Last FM!

    Anyone fancy a dance?


    Last FM, to those who don’t know, is an excellent website where you can design your own radio show playlist. We’ve saved you the trouble by making up one of our own. Simply click here, listen, enjoy, and feel free to recommend any artists you think we might have overlooked.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Eddie Harris

    Eddie Harris, Listen Here

    Already, we’ve declared Thursday to be the international day for Love Songs, now it’s the turn of Jazz music to claim a place in the weekly calendar. Hence, from now until we’re bored, we will be posting a new Jazz workout every Tuesday. Kicking things off, the experimentalist Eddie Harris and his wonderful tenor sax. Enjoy.

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  • Great British Bands: Dexys Midnight Runners

    Dexys Midnight Runners, Geno

    Before he started wearing knickers and suspenders, Kevin Rowland was only slightly weird. His band was, at times, brilliant – especially above, in 1980.

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  • Album covers analysed: Donald Byrd, Caricatures

    Hey kids, look, a cartoon!


    The thorn that has jutted from the bloodied side of Jazz music from around the 1950s onwards, stopping anyone from feeling its true beauty, is that it always seems to take itself so damn seriously. Album covers would either show moody John Coltrane figures lurking in the shadows smoking a cig, or artwork so far out that people would burst into confused tears just looking at it (Mile Davis’ excellent Bitches Brew). Of course, the kind of pipe smoking women who love Jazz wouldn’t have it any other way, but in around 1976, trumpeter Donald Byrd created this totally accessible masterstroke, and the music on his Caricatures record proved to be as cheeky and enticing as the cover. A pure white sleeve, it features a zany cartoon of Byrd himself, complete with big old afro and beard, blowing hard into his trumpet – his way of saying, “come on world, Jazz music is FUN!”. And guess what – it worked. For about eight minutes.

    Listen to one of the tracks from the album after the jump.

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