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  • Tuesday Jazz: Tania Maria

    Tania Maria, Come With Me

    Site regulars will be easy to spot today, because they will be rocking the nearly spring jazz wardrobe – which, of course, is a white polo neck, chinos, boating shoes, and a nice fedora. Strong vibe, guys! Today, Tania Maria takes her piano for a walk.

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  • Happy Birthday Ginger Baker, here’s a drum solo!

    Ginger Baker, 1969

    Ginger Baker, the legendary jazz/rock drummer turns a very outrageous 70-years-old today, which makes us wonder whether the “Ginger” nickname still stands. Might he be more “greyish/ginger” now? We’re not sure. We haven’t seen him for a while. To those who don’t know, he was a popular drummer in the 1960s and 1970s, who enjoyed his most refreshing moment in the sunshine with Cream, starring Eric Clapton. He’s quite a guy, hence we thought we’d buy him a gift, so we all went to bed at the usual time, then craftily shouted out present ideas just as others were on the very cusp of falling asleep. After nine hours of not quite making it to full slumber, it had boiled down to a toss up between some biscuits, or a fabulous drumming clip. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Ginger!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Les McCann

    Les McCann, Compared to What

    On the off-chance that you passed by someone in a beret this morning, we hope that you didn’t stop dead in your tracks and start pointing, guffawing, and leaping from one foot to the other making strange nasal intonations that were supposed to sound foreign. Because, doofus, it may not have been a wandering Frenchman. It might simply have been a Jazz enthusiast celebrating another wonderful Tuesday. Above, Les McCann takes us for a political walk.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Cab Calloway

    Cab Calloway, Reefer Man

    Groovy, it’s Tuesday. That means we can slip a little bit of opium into our morning cuppa, sprinkle a little bit of weed into our morning cigarette, dab a little bit of speed into our morning cocaine, add just a little bit of acid to our morning heroin, force a massive lump of Jazz into our ears, and glug back a morning can of magic mushrooms and Crucial Brew. Sweet Jazz music. Sweet sweet Jazz. It’s going to be a weird day.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Earl Klugh

    Earl Klugh, This Time

    Site regulars will already be sipping small coffees, wearing that beret that never looked like catching on, and sporting a set of thick framed glasses. Why? Because they know that today is all about jazz, man. Get hip to the programme. Today, Earl Klugh and his magic guitar are harbourside, waiting to take you on a dreamy boat journey.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Gene Harris

    Gene Harris, Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong

    Just as night turns to day, and mid-morning turns to elevensies and then brunch, Monday night has taken us all the way up to Tuesday – the official day of impressive jazz sounds, like trumpets, weird staccato drums, and in the case of today’s piece, sexy latin grooves that morph into something slightly more modern for the second half. That’s because this is the Bugz in The Attic remix, jazz friends.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Dr Lonnie Smith

    Dr Lonnie Smith Trio

    It’s Tuesday already, that means that the week is over a third way done. Approximately. This is really great news. It also means that it’s time to slip into something a little bit polo-necked, shoot up a responsible amount of heroin, and allow Dr Lonnie Smith’s zany organ to take you for a jog around the block.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones, Summer in The City

    Believe it or not, but Jazz isn’t only intended for bespectacled gents with moustacheless beards and berets. It’s also suited to drifters in flip-flops laying beneath trees, women in short shorts, people who don’t wear glasses, and Ribena drinkers. Here, Quincy Jones takes us all for a sweaty walk.

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Michael Jackson cover versions

    Apparently this guy died… or something


    No doubt the next seven or eight months are going to be taken up with newspapers really trying to figure out a few Jackson mysteries. How did he die? Did he really monkey around with those kids? Did he actually do it with a woman to make babies? All questions that we can’t answer, so we won’t be wasting your time by even remotely trying. When it comes to Jackson, we know two things: 1. Waking up with the man must, even just for a nanosecond, have given you a glimpse into what it’s like to be Ronald McDonald’s wife. And 2. These are the four best cover versions of MJ classics…

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    1. Billie Jean, Shinehead

    A slower version of the classic song about a deranged stalker, this one even features a big doff of the cap to spaghetti westerns. A brilliant reggae track. Just brilliant.

    2. Thriller, Ian Brown

    Ian Brown has never had the most syrupy voice in the world, but his drawling monotone somehow works when singing Thriller. An unexpected masterpiece.

    3. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, Derrick Laro and Trinity

    Another reggae interpretation of a Jackson classic – this time Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough from Off The Wall. This very nearly, but not quite, improves on the original. Excellent.

    4. Human Nature, Miles Davies

    A few rock versions almost took fourth spot, but in the end we plumped for this Miles Davis trumpet version of Human Nature. Not because it’s particularly good, but because it’s Miles Davis doing Michael Jackson. Yes, Miles Davis doing Michael Jackson. That’s Miles Davis doing Michael Jackson. The legendary trumpeter Miles Davis doing Michael Jackson…

  • Tuesday Jazz: Lalomie Washburn

    Lalomie Washburn, Try My Love

    Brilliant, it’s Tuesday, or as we call it, Jazz Day. We love Jazz Day. It’s a time to pull on a sexy set of slacks, balance a cool pork pie hat atop your head, and allow some brass instruments to take you for a motorbike ride. Today, Lalomie Washburn showcases the funkier side of jazz-funk.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Idris Muhammad

    Idris Muhammad, Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

    It’s Tuesday, friends, that makes it Jazz time. So, take off your square work clothes, slip into a nice polo neck, a Frenchman’s beret, some Orbison shades, and allow the cool Jazz Funk sounds of Idris Muhammad to take your ears for a jog.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Gary Bartz

    Gary Bartz, Uhuru Sasa

    Well, it’s Tuesday already, that was quick. Time to replace your soothing cup of tea with something a little bit herbal, grow your beard to a bushy thickness, and allow yourself a set of gigantic reading glasses – it’s Jazz time. Today, Gary Bartz allows the drummer to take us all for a drive.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Nina Simone

    Nina Simone, Feelings

    Excellent, Jazz time. It must be Tuesday. Today, feel free to press some strodgy tobacco into a bigger pipe than usual, twiddle that beard more thoughtfully, and enjoy the wandering sounds of the excellent Nina Simone, performing live in 1976. Yumsers.

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  • Happy Birthday Miles Davis, here’s Michael McDonald!

    Michael McDonald, What a Fool Believes

    Had a gargantuan stroke not done him in almost twenty years ago, Miles Davis would be turning a very jazzy 82 today. And how appropriate that his birthday would fall on a Tuesday, being that it has been declared the official day of cardigans, eyebrow twisting, and sweet brassy jazz sounds. By us. Anyway, we decided that dead or not, we were getting the guy a gift, so we put on some sweatbands and shouted at one another through the din of a squash club, before it boiled down to a toss up between some sexy leather underpants, or a clip of Michael McDonald – a singer with great hair and a voice like a beautiful deaf man. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Miles Davis!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock, Chameleon

    Site regulars will already be cardiganned-up, possibly smoking an extravagant opium pipe, just waiting for today’s Jazz treat to unfurl. Well, here it is. Today, an ever-youthful Herbie Hancock takes us on a magic journey using his far out keyboard.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Archie Shepp

    Archie Shepp, Attica Blues

    It’s that time again – Tuesday – so pull on your best tank top, allow your hair to tousle into a confused upward mess, and let some interesting Jazz music seize you by the spectacles and walk you around the room. Today, Archie Shepp invites us to become startled by his fantastic sax.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Nancy Wilson

    Nancy Wilson, Sunshine

    As usual, it’s time to fill up your pipe, grab your cardigan, bark at your nan to step away from the ghetto blaster and embark on a day of listening to intriguing Jazz music. Today, the excellent Jazz singer Nancy Wilson unleashes her technicolour gibberish, and it sounds magnificent.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: The Crusaders

    The Crusaders, Keep That Same Old Feeling

    As ever, Tuesdays are now set aside for thinking time, with the aid of a mellow background accompaniment – by which we mean a magnificent horn, or a man taking a trombone for a walk. Above, Jazz-Funk legends The Crusaders explain that we need to keep the feeling, keep that same old feeling. Too true, guys!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: James Mason

    James Mason, Sweet Power Your Embrace

    Not to be confused with the man who played Brutus, today’s jazz comes from James Mason – it’s a jazz-funk classic, in which a woman vocally interprets the desperation that ensues following a particularly warm cuddle.¬† Great track.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Roy Ayers

    Roy Ayers, Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    A lo, on the fifth day they listened to excellent jazz music. So says the bible according to Interestment. Today, the fabulous Roy Ayers channels the weather through his magnificent vibraphone.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Dave Brubeck

    Dave Brubeck, Take The A Train

    Yes, it’s Tuesday, and that only means one thing – it’s jazz time. So, reach for the nearest cigarette with pot in it, roll up your trousers, and recline to the sounds of Dave Brubeck. Yum.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Frank Strazzeri

    Cloudburst, Frank Strazzeri

    Nothing goes together quite as superbly as sunshine and aggressive jazz music – except perhaps egg mayo and onions. So, close your eyes, imagine you’re walking around a sundrenched cove somewhere, and enjoy the space-crazy jazz-funk¬† sounds of Frank Strazzeri and his explosive piano. Great record, great.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: John Coltrane

    Naima 1965

    Of course, we’ve declared Tuesday to be the official jazz music day, so sit back, unfurl your beard, warm up the smouldering pipes, and tap slightly off-beat to some classic John Coltrane – here playing his delicious sax. Yum.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Miles Davis

    Miles Davis Quintet, Footprints

    Now that kindly Mr Sunshine and his wife, Mrs Sunshine, have decided that it’s okay to come out, we’ve made a similar decision to seize jazz music from the shadows. Today, Miles Davis dazzles us with his fantastic trumpet.

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