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  • Tuesday Jazz: Tania Maria

    Tania Maria, Come With Me

    Site regulars will be easy to spot today, because they will be rocking the nearly spring jazz wardrobe – which, of course, is a white polo neck, chinos, boating shoes, and a nice fedora. Strong vibe, guys! Today, Tania Maria takes her piano for a walk.

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  • Great British Band: Young Disciples

    Young Disciples, Apparently Nothin’

    Despite the American vocalist, Carleen Anderson, Young Disciples were very much a British band. They were signed to Talkin’ Loud, the rest of the group was British, they recorded with Paul Weller and Mick Talbot of the Style Council. Above is their moment in the sunshine.

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Summertime Classics

    No room for the Fresh Prince…


    Something about the sunshine and the outdoors can make certain records sound magnificent. Only a few years ago there was that Macarena song – a repetitive number, with a vocal delivery from two grown men who wouldn’t make 10p busking in the middle of Covent Garden on Australia Day. And yet, the combination of heat, cold beers, heavy drugs, and an semi-erotic dance made it the hit of the Summer. Hence, this list is not about summertime hits, but songs about the Summer itself. After much debate, the top four ended up looking like this…

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    1. MFSB, Summertime

    An up-tempo instrumental take on the sultry jazz classic, we love this. MFSB stands for Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, which lends this track a wholesome family appeal, and it’s great for dancing around to in a field full of borderline trustafarians. At, say, The Big Chill.

    2. Roy Ayers, Everyone Loves The Sunshine

    When Roy Ayers was wondering what people might love, he eventually hit the nail on the head. Everyone really does love the sunshine. Except perhaps for Stephen Hawking that time his girlfriend took the batteries from his wheelchair and left him to crackle and burn in the sweltering heat (true story). But robotronic genius aside, this is one magnificent ode to the weather.

    3. The Style Council, Long Hot Summer

    For a brief period in the 1980s, Paul Weller – the Modfather – became a little bit camp, and this video catches him riding the crest of a slightly pink wave. And it’s no bad thing at all. In fact, we much prefer his Style Council days. Hence Long Hot Summer can be found rotating at around 45 rpm on the Interestment turntable with startling regularity during the sunshine months. Make no mistake about it, this is a classic record.

    4. Alice Cooper, School’s Out

    It’s hard to find a decent rock record that encapsulates that Summer feeling, probably because most decent heavy rock bands are made up of people who prefer the night time. This, by a strange woman/man called Alice Cooper, is one of the few exceptions. Sadly, grown men in leather get little chance to celebrate the school holidays in these increasingly suspicious times.

  • Tuesday Jazz: Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones, Summer in The City

    Believe it or not, but Jazz isn’t only intended for bespectacled gents with moustacheless beards and berets. It’s also suited to drifters in flip-flops laying beneath trees, women in short shorts, people who don’t wear glasses, and Ribena drinkers. Here, Quincy Jones takes us all for a sweaty walk.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Lalomie Washburn

    Lalomie Washburn, Try My Love

    Brilliant, it’s Tuesday, or as we call it, Jazz Day. We love Jazz Day. It’s a time to pull on a sexy set of slacks, balance a cool pork pie hat atop your head, and allow some brass instruments to take you for a motorbike ride. Today, Lalomie Washburn showcases the funkier side of jazz-funk.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Idris Muhammad

    Idris Muhammad, Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

    It’s Tuesday, friends, that makes it Jazz time. So, take off your square work clothes, slip into a nice polo neck, a Frenchman’s beret, some Orbison shades, and allow the cool Jazz Funk sounds of Idris Muhammad to take your ears for a jog.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Gary Bartz

    Gary Bartz, Uhuru Sasa

    Well, it’s Tuesday already, that was quick. Time to replace your soothing cup of tea with something a little bit herbal, grow your beard to a bushy thickness, and allow yourself a set of gigantic reading glasses – it’s Jazz time. Today, Gary Bartz allows the drummer to take us all for a drive.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock, Chameleon

    Site regulars will already be cardiganned-up, possibly smoking an extravagant opium pipe, just waiting for today’s Jazz treat to unfurl. Well, here it is. Today, an ever-youthful Herbie Hancock takes us on a magic journey using his far out keyboard.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Archie Shepp

    Archie Shepp, Attica Blues

    It’s that time again – Tuesday – so pull on your best tank top, allow your hair to tousle into a confused upward mess, and let some interesting Jazz music seize you by the spectacles and walk you around the room. Today, Archie Shepp invites us to become startled by his fantastic sax.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Nancy Wilson

    Nancy Wilson, Sunshine

    As usual, it’s time to fill up your pipe, grab your cardigan, bark at your nan to step away from the ghetto blaster and embark on a day of listening to intriguing Jazz music. Today, the excellent Jazz singer Nancy Wilson unleashes her technicolour gibberish, and it sounds magnificent.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: The Crusaders

    The Crusaders, Keep That Same Old Feeling

    As ever, Tuesdays are now set aside for thinking time, with the aid of a mellow background accompaniment – by which we mean a magnificent horn, or a man taking a trombone for a walk. Above, Jazz-Funk legends The Crusaders explain that we need to keep the feeling, keep that same old feeling. Too true, guys!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: James Mason

    James Mason, Sweet Power Your Embrace

    Not to be confused with the man who played Brutus, today’s jazz comes from James Mason – it’s a jazz-funk classic, in which a woman vocally interprets the desperation that ensues following a particularly warm cuddle.¬† Great track.

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Roy Ayers

    Roy Ayers, Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    A lo, on the fifth day they listened to excellent jazz music. So says the bible according to Interestment. Today, the fabulous Roy Ayers channels the weather through his magnificent vibraphone.

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  • Happy Birthday Herb Alpert, here’s your finest song!

    Herb Alpert, Rotation

    He turns 74 today, and like most toddlers, it seems Alpert hasn’t quite settled on what he wants to do when he grows up – he’s listed as a trumpeter, a composer, a singer, a record producer, a theatrical producer, a painter, a sculptor, an astronaut, a fireman, a cowboy, BA Baracus, a golden eagle, and a marine. The guy wants it all, which made deciding on a present double difficult – which, to those not in the know, is twice as difficult as normal. We talked long and hard, until it boiled down to a toss up between a chunky silver watch that looks expensive but is actually totally rubbish and quite cheap, or a video from 1979 of his most brilliant song. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Herb!

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  • Tuesday Jazz: Frank Strazzeri

    Cloudburst, Frank Strazzeri

    Nothing goes together quite as superbly as sunshine and aggressive jazz music – except perhaps egg mayo and onions. So, close your eyes, imagine you’re walking around a sundrenched cove somewhere, and enjoy the space-crazy jazz-funk¬† sounds of Frank Strazzeri and his explosive piano. Great record, great.

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  • Great British Band: Freeez

    Freeez, Southern Freeez

    As early 1980s jazz-funk bands go, Freeez were absolutely wonderful – as good as anyone American at that time. Above is their dancefloor classic, performed with a natural UK accent, which is refreshing.

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