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    Better than Burke? According to us, yes…


    For those of you still hungry for juicy meat, we have been writing odds and ends for the excellent grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week we decided to take a serious look at X Factor down the ages, and we realised that EVERY SINGLE YEAR the wrong contestant has won. See who we’d pin the Interestment rosette on, were it our call, here.

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    For those who like laughing at brilliant stand up comics, don’t forget about the Interestment Comedy Night, which already has a line up of about ten or so very funny comedy types, as well as some wonderful music from a couple of sexy DJ’s.

    And elsewhere in the Interestment universe, we can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and you can even watch us on Television – which, by the way, was featured in The Times last weekend.

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    See what we had to say about this woman…

    Cindy Crawford

    For those still craving words and opinions, we have been doing odds and ends for the fantastic grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week, we decided to take a microscope out of our pocket and examine some absolutely gorgeous older women, including Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Sadie bloody Frost, and someone called The Body. Read all about that here.

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    If you like laughing at things, and people telling funny jokes, then you might be interested to know that the first Interestment comedy night is taking place in South London on September 4th. It promises an excellent line up of new up-and-coming comedians upstairs, and a couple of very withered old DJs playing soul, funk and rap records downstairs. Come along! It’s only three quid or something. More about that here.

    And for those massively into technology, we are looming relatively large – but not very – on Facebook and Twitter. Oh yes, and you must watch Interestment Television – much more to come on that…

  • Interestment Television: Musical Icons

    Who are the real pop idols, Camden?

    This year’s Glastonbury Festival did little but highlight a worrying dearth of modern iconic solo stars. The biggest crowd pullers were Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young – acts that could have headlined the festival thirty years ago. We don’t seem to have found an heir apparent for Prince, Madonna or Michael Jackson yet either. It’s a worrying time. Or is it? Terrified that we might be missing out on some key knowledge about musical icons, we headed up to Camden – London’s capital of drugs and bands – to see who those in the know look up to. And did we uncover anything new and exciting? Absolutely not, no.

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  • Interestment Television: Great band enquiry

    Best Bands

    If you need your teeth fixed, you go to the dentist, if you’ve got a cough, you go to the docs. And somewhere a little bit further down that list is something about if you want to find out about rock bands, you should go to Camden. After all, it’s the home of MTV, it’s awash with freaky-joes, gothics, zanios, and drifters. Plus, most up-and-coming bands like to hang out there, with their tight jeans and their heroin. Hence, on a mission to find out exactly what we should and should not be listening to on our walkmans, we visited armed with a mic, a film camera, and some questions. Did it shed any light on the matter? No not really.

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    Smile if you think we’ve got it going on…


    For those not content with just the website, we have been slowly expanding the Interestment empire. One day we plan to have a man in the White House. What he’ll be doing there, we haven’t decided yet. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy Interestment Television, which will be growing bigger and bigger over the coming weeks. And should you find yourself pottering around in South London during early September, do pop in to Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, a comedy/music night, which already has an impressive line up of new comedians, and a couple of retired DJ’s blowing fluff off a needle for the first time in years. Should be excellent.

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    And for those well up on technology, we can be found floating around on both Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to join the gang!

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    Read about sexy rock animals…


    For those of you yearning to get your eyes stuck in to some more words, we have been writing some for the excellent grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week, we arched a very sensual eyebrow at the world of rock and roll bands, as we assembled our dream line up of wild music maniacs. See what happened here.

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    Elsewhere in the vast Interestment universe, we have Interestment Television, which will be updated in the very very not-too-distant future – expect much more from that. We’re on Face Face, Twitter, and coming very soon is Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, an evening of great new comedy, and some seriously amazing music. More details on that to come…

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    What’s interesting about this birthday girl?


    For those of you who like reading about famous people, we have been doing odds and ends for the wonderful grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week, we thought we’d cast a very judgmental eye over some beautiful celebrities (including Jennifer Lopez) who choose to settle down with rather unattractive young men. See what we had to say here.

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    In other exciting news, you can now follow us on Twitter by clicking on the little bird in the top right of your screen, or you can follow us on Facebook, and – AND ! – we’ve only recently launched Interestment Television, which will be growing and growing over the coming weeks and months. Plus, in super exciting news, there is an Interestment music and comedy night in the pipeline, much more on that to come….

  • Interestment Television: Summer Fashion Tips

    Summer Fashion Tips

    With Summer here, it’s really hard to know what to wear to get a big thumbs up from the angular fashion kids that dictate who’s hot and who’s not. This year, after three decades of being decidedly not, we threw caution to the wind, and just asked for help. The location was Brick Lane, and those handing out nuggets of information were the hipsters, dreamers, and zanios that we’ve always looked up to. Enjoy.

    Subscribe to Interestment Television. There is lots more to come…

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  • Interestment Television: What is Cool?

    What is Cool?

    So here it is, friends, Interestment Television – here to provide extremely important information and entertainment. Over the coming weeks, months and years we aim to feed your brains, excite your eyes, and occasionally blow your minds. There may yet be an intriguing new internet sitcom in the pipeline, and we’re even toying with the idea of a gameshow. But to kick things off, we thought we’d head down to the magnificently trendy Brick Lane area of London to ask the locals exactly what being cool is all about. They shed a very small amount of light on the matter.

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