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  • Happy Birthday Slash, here’s Iggy Pop!

    Iggy Pop, Sixteen

    It’s another one of those weird fantasy dinner party days, as Daniel Radcliffe, Monica Lewinsky, Woody Harrelson, and Raymond Chandler all prepare for an evening of laughter, presents, wine, great canapes, a cake, a misheard comment, shouting, a fight, quick, get the police! An ambulance, blood everywhere, stunned silence, faint sobbing, taxis home, and broken dreams. But we’ve chosen to honour the rock guitarist Slash, who turns a very impressive 44 today, so we all wrapped our grandmother’s head scarves over our long ginger hair, then spent the afternoon screaming ideas at one another like someone was holding a candle to our toes. After about three hours it had boiled down to a toss up between a urinal for his bedroom, or a brilliant clip of Iggy Pop. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Slash!

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Disturbing album covers

    Some really creepy ones didn’t make it…


    It never fails to add an extra coil to the spring in our step whenever we hear from a member of the growing Interestment family. Today excellent contributor Debs – a lady with an eye for the absurd – turned her telescope made from a rolled up magazine onto album covers, particularly frightening ones. She had this to say…

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    Intently flicking through racks of 12 inches in some grubby second-hand shop with only a gaggle of trainspotters for company – it’s nothing if not meditational. Until, that is, some artist attempting to shift more units via shock-tactic publicity scares the living daylights out of you by placing a grotesquely disturbing image (which, in some Eastern European cases, can simply be their face) on the cover of their latest EP. Who hasn’t had their browsing zen interrupted by the glimpse of something uncalled for and horrifying? The following pop groups should be ashamed…

    1. Aphex Twin, Richard D. James


    It’s a tough call when it comes to choosing which of the Cornish, bank vault-dweller’s covers is the most mind-bendingly odd. But this demonic self portrait is the winner – narrowly pipping the Aphex Kids on the Come To Daddy EP cover to the horror post.

    2. King Crimson, In the Court of King Crimson


    This trippy drawing of a screaming maniac has been known to make actual grown up men ask timidly about the whereabouts of their mummy, before erupting in hysterical tears.

    3. Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy


    Small naked children, dragging themselves out of holes in the earth, crawling slavishly towards some (undoubtably) twisted and dark power that is emitting light from behind a hill. Shitting heck.

    4. Black Flag, Family Man


    The comic-style simplicity of the Raymond Pettibon drawing makes it all the more appalling. The teddy. The child with the eye-injury. Mum’s leg. And the date? The day after Kennedy’s assassination. It’s everything that’s wrong in the world. Well, America anyway.

  • Album covers analysed: Thin Lizzy, Fighting

    Kids, this is what tough guys used to look like


    Style and violence have always endured a strained relationship. While one demands a degree of preservation, the other insists on destroying things. Which is why it always seems so strange that Mods would spend ungodly sums on slick designer clobber, only to get wasted on blues and have a scrap. The same goes for Teddy Boys, Casuals, and most modern day football fans. Above is a record from the mid-1970s, where the fashionable young gentlemen who made up the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy show off their finest fighting outfits, whilst positioning themselves lividly in amongst the decaying brickwork and destroyed buildings, so synonymous with the time. Once a terrifying album cover. Now, just marginally scarier than The Corrs.

    Enjoy an old Thin Lizzy song after the jump…

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  • Great British Bands: Motorhead

    Motorhead, The Ace of Spades

    Lemmy, what a guy! He really knows how to make strange facial growths seem almost handsome. Here he is taking to a bizarrely-angled microphone at a rock concert. Absolutely brilliant.

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  • Happy Birthday Alice Cooper, here’s William Shatner!

    William Shatner, Rocket Man

    What can Alice Cooper possibly want for? He’s got it all – snakes, lizards, eye liner. Hence, we argued long into the night, toe to toe down an icy side alley, about what he should be given for his 61st birthday. It boiled down to a toss up between a Playstation 2 or by far the greatest performance William Shatner has ever mustered. And he has mustered a few. In the end, we got him both. Happy Birthday Alice! School’s out for EVER, presumably.

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  • Album covers analysed: Iron Maiden, Number of The Beast

    Who is this “Beast” they speak of?


    In 1982, Heavy Metal still confused some corners of society. All the womanly outfits were there – leotard trousers, knee length boots, feathery hair. Yet, it was all balanced off with manly things like studs, leather, guitars, shouting. What exactly was going on? Iron Maiden, bless them, opted to hammer the point home with their Number Of The Beast album – “we’re doing the Devil’s work” was the message, leaving all the baffled geriatrics to breathe a massive sigh of relief. That’s one mystery solved. The cover itself shows the band’s hilarious skeleton mascot, Eddie, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a nice t-shirt, toying with his Satan puppet in a burning wasteland. His left hand appears to be on fire, which may be symbolic, but we’re not sure. One thing we are sure of is that it scares the bejesus out of us every single time. Crazy rock and rollers with their fingerless gloves!

    Enjoy their smash hit Run To The Hills after the jump…

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  • Essential fashion news about leather

    Time to send Dad into the attic


    Once again, we’ve been trawling the more fashionable parts of East London with our ear pressed against office windows, hoping to find out what we should be wearing this year. We’ve already stocked up on as much orange stuff as possible, and now the word on the angular hair circuit is that leather jackets are going to be all over the place this winter. Not just any old leather jackets either – biker jackets. The kind that used to have tassels hanging from the arms – worn only by androgynous heavy metal fans with gigantic yellow perms, tough guys, or weirdos. We, of course, fell into the first category.

    Because we’re cool like that.

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