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  • Hilarious video discovered, WATCH IT!

    Amazing live performance

    Sometimes all you need on a Friday afternoon is a side splitting music video to make you laugh so much that milk explodes from your nose and actually ruins your desk. A massive doff of the cap and a high five to excellent-maker-of-comments, Spencer, who sent this one in after his friend Eric sent it to him… and now we’re sending it to you. Kind of.


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  • A hilarious Star Trek video clip

    What’s this? A Friday treat? (you’re welcome)

    Some days all you need is a fantastic sci-fi spoof to make you laugh so hard that Diet Coke spurts from your nose, all over your expensive cashmere jumper. Even though you were drinking regular Coke.

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  • Excellent new comedy show alert!

    The Life and Times of Tim

    We always love hearing about excellent new TV shows, and thankfully our comedy expert, religiously known as Peter, always has a finger stabbed firmly on the pulse. He had this to say:

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    “Say what you like about mean cash hungry advertising guys, but every so often, they give us something worthwhile. This show is by an ex-advertising exec called Steve – he was behind the Budweiser lizards, if you remember them. It’s an animated series about a guy called Tim (funnily enough!) who veers from one horribly awkward situation to another. It’s totally brilliant. I recommend it very highly.”

    Nice one, Peter! It looks EXCELLENT.

    Click here for more clips.

  • Happy Birthday Joan Baez, here’s a funny interview!

    Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera

    It’s the age old question – what can you buy a hippy dippy folk singer who’s about to turn 68? We couldn’t decide between a funny interview clip, or some nail varnish remover from Boots, so, in the end, we got her both. Happy Birthday, Ms Baez!

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  • The best thing about Christmas 2008 revealed

    If you missed it, enjoy

    Peter Serafinowicz doesn’t always get it right, but when he does, he makes us laugh until Diet Coke spurts from our noses. Even though we’re drinking REGULAR Coke.

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