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  • Album covers analysed: Bon Iver

    Bon Iver, For Emma, forever ago


    Folk heads have always been a tricky bunch to please when it comes to album covers. To them – with their patchy beards and pipes – music is a dour, angst-ridden art form, and that must be reflected on the tracks and the artwork. Hence why we have yet to witness a Crosby Stills and Nash record with the three men smiling with big thumbs up on the cover. And it’s also exactly why early Bob Dylan covers were photographed either first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or directly after receiving terrible terrible news. The other option is to remove your face entirely from the sleeve, such as was the choice for this Bon Iver folk record. Anyone who’s seen Justin Vernon – or Bon – will have noticed that he works the perfect folk vibe with his look, but even that didn’t inspire him to opt for the dour face-to-camera shot. Instead we’re left with a strange picture featuring a couple of trees, something that looks like bushes, and some very womanly hand writing at the top. It was the safe option, and from what we can tell, the folk community didn’t go ballistic and ban him from any future beard caressing festivals, so it must have done the trick. Here’s a great track from the album…

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  • Thursday Love Song: David Crosby

    Triad, David Crosby

    And so Thursday rolls around for another week, looking all sexy and oiled up. That’s your Thursday. It’s a deeply sensual day, so unzip your trousers, turn the desk fan around, and allow the cool breeze to blow directly into your eyes. Today, ex-Byrds man David Crosby sing of his deep love for a beautiful woman… and her friend.

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  • Thursday Love Song: Joan Armatrading

    Joan Armatrading, Love and Affection

    As site regulars will tell you, Thursday is by far the sexiest day of the week. It’s a time to slip into your tiniest underpants, unbuckle your emotions, and allow cool sensuality to massage deep cleansing lotions into parts of your brain normally forbidden during work hours. That’s it. Yeah, you like that. Today, Joan Armatrading is here to tell us that it’s all well and good keeping a stiff upper lip, but sometimes you’ve just got to let the love surge through your body like an eel through a drainpipe.

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  • Happy Birthday Rita Coolidge, here’s a Record Breakers rap!

    Daddy Freddy Raps on Record Breakers

    Rita Coolidge. You know, Rita Coolidge. The one who broke up Crosby, Stills & Nash by servicing both Stills and Nash but totally ignoring Crosby. She was also a backing vocalist for Joe Cocker at one stage. Then she married Kris Kristofferson for a bit. Yeah, her. Now you remember her. Now you know who we’re on about. Her. Anyway, she’s 64 today, so as is the tradition in this country, we thought we’d pick up a present. We stood outside Blockbuster on Clapham High Street, smoking spliffs, knocking back bottle after bottle of orange WKD, trying desperately to figure out what to buy someone who we’d never really heard of. We cried, we talked, we wept. We punched a guy in the face. Then Hip Hop Sam strolled past in his gargantuan trousers and told us that we should either get her a tub of raspberry ripple ice cream or a clip from Record Breakers featuring the fast rapping of Daddy Freddy, and the legendary Wee Papa Girl Rappers. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Coolidge!

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  • Happy Birthday James Taylor, here’s you and your ex singing!

    James Taylor and Carly Simon, Close Your Eyes

    At 61 today, James Taylor has lived quite a life. He’s written folk songs, married women with absolutely enormous mouths, and taken lots and lots of heroin. We simply had to buy him a present. After taking some heroin to get a feel for what a former addict might like, we decided that it was a toss up between a battered old mattress for the floor of a grotty bedsit, or a clip of him performing a classic track with his then-wife. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday James!

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  • Album covers analysed: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, So Far

    Wow, singer has other talent


    These days, singers are more commonly known as “artistes”, and it’s no surprise should you find Jennifer Lopez not only singing a mediocre pop song, but also appearing in a poor/mediocre film, and possibly penning some kind of book. She is, of course, just an example. The same theory could be applied to practically anyone – it’s only a matter of time before Duffy crops up in a Mike Leigh film, or Howard from Take That writes the great British novel. But, before everything became so absurd, the popular song writer Joni Mitchell was already proving to be quite the multi-talent. Not only could she pen impressive songs about big yellow taxis, but she was a dab hand at caricatures as well. Above is her impressive doodle for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young‘s 1974 compilation record. Bravo, Joni. Bravo.

    Enjoy their music after the jump…

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  • Happy Birthday Joan Baez, here’s a funny interview!

    Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera

    It’s the age old question – what can you buy a hippy dippy folk singer who’s about to turn 68? We couldn’t decide between a funny interview clip, or some nail varnish remover from Boots, so, in the end, we got her both. Happy Birthday, Ms Baez!

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