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  • Petrifying fashion news for eyes

    Prepare to be confused…


    If there’s one thing that fools the basic human eye like nothing else, it’s stripes. Such is the warped complexity of the average retina, that anything with horizontal or vertical lines draped over an adult body sends them into an insane tizzy. They can no longer work out the usual shape of someone – are they really thinner than they appear? Or fatter? It’s all too much, and unfortunately for your baby blues, the throbbing craniums that rule the fashion roost have decided that it’s time to bring back stripy tops. We’re all going to be wearing them, and, judging by the rumours, horizontal is the way to go – a style that famously makes fat people look like they’ve had a hula hooping accident. So, stock up friends. Get striping!

    You heard it here first. Or, like, twentieth.

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  • It’s official: men allowed to pierce

    You better hurry up though, you have ONE YEAR


    There are only certain windows of opportunity in life when you can go out and get that earring that you’ve always dreamed would look so cool. One of those windows comes on your 16th birthday, when you’re young, restless, full of beans. The other is when you’re the wrong side of 40, bloated, tearful and sagging. You only ever wanted to look like Serpico, but now look at you – ruined, disgusting. Perhaps a little stud would make everything better? Anyway, the point is that here at Interestment we’ve declared 2009 the year to live these dreams, whatever your age. Go out, be reckless, we’re in a recession damn it! All we ask is that you send us the evidence for our Rebels Gallery….

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  • Intriguing fashion news about your Granddad

    All along, they’ve been hipper than a load of hippos


    Looking back, can you calculate how many hours you’ve spent mocking your granddad? Ha, he’s got a hair coming from his nose! Look at that cardigan, he’s dressing like a woman! Ug, not another war story! Well, more fool you. As it turns out, old people have much to offer the world, and the whisper in all the most obscure fashion pubs is that grandfathers might just be the way forward, style wise. So, rather than sitting there with your skinny jeans hoiked up to your belly button, your lumberjack shirt flapping about your knees, laughing and pointing at an elderly gent in his pantaloons, grab a digi-cam and take a snap – he’s got the look you’re after, young pretender. Now get yourself down to M&S for a bag of vests and cardigans. Go!

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  • Fascinating fashion news about gloves

    Another gigantic problem solved


    It’s hard to know exactly what to do with gloves when you’re not wearing them. Women, it’s not so tricky for you, just pop them in your designer handbag. Gents, however, what do you do? Have them hanging from your back pocket like a whithered monkey hand trying to caress your bottom? Leave them on a table for robbers? The answer is: you do neither of those things. According to our great pal with a big brain for fashion, known by his glitzy moniker Oliver, the correct thing to do with gloves is to place them into your chest pocket, where they can wave gently at passers-by. It is, in his words, “the only gentlemanly way to do it.”

    So now you know.

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  • One recession dilemma solved

    Time to tighten the purse strings…


    Face it, you’re going to lose your job. You need to start saving money. Yet, look at you – you’re covered top to toe in designer labels, your hair cost you ninety quid, and you have gold and titanium draped all over your body. This can’t go on, something has to be done, and we might just have a few solutions up our sleeve. Here’s the first one: badges. They can turn cheap, boring t-shirts into something very special indeed, and if you really want, you can stick a shiny Fred Perry badge on a second hand top and fool even your most eagle-eyed fashion pals. Best of all, these things cost almost nothing.

    Next time: How to make a lasagne from powdered eggs, an Oxo cube, and lean organic Aberdeen Angus mince.

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  • Important fashion information about orange

    It’s not the only fruit, but it might be the only colour


    Oranges, Dutch football stockings, the blazing sun – all of these things are orange. And, as of later this year, you can add YOU to that list and all. The whisper amongst very important fashion circles is that if one colour is going to dominate 2009, then this is it. Brilliant news for anyone working in Sainsburys or tanning salons, not so good for those who spent the whole of 2008 hysterically boosting their collection of yellow garments.

    You heard it here first. Or, like, twenty-fifth.

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  • Get the cool Winter 2009 look

    Breakdance meets football management…


    A very well placed fashion friend of Interestment has a finger firmly pressed on the pulse, and the whisper on the catwalks is that this winter all the coolest kids will be donning sheepskin jackets to keep the cold out. Much like the above picture by celebrated snapper Jamel Shabazz. Not only that, but they will be maintaining their dry feet beneath a sturdy set of Red Wing boots (below). That’s all we know.

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