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  • Important fashion news about boots!

    Get some, get some, get some…

    Desert boots

    As usual, we’ve been doing everything we can to pick up fashion tips. We’ve sat alone in ironically downtrodden boozers, trousers rolled up, outlandish tattoos drawn onto our arms in biro, desperately trying to listen in on other people’s conversations, hoping for tips. We’ve been to parties where models are somehow considered to be DJ’s, because they put their iPods on shuffle, then mix together an astonishing melting pot of artists, like when Blondie suddenly came on after La Roux, or the time S’Express was followed by The Ronettes. Seriously, it was pretty wild, and basically, we learnt nothing. So thank sweet baby Moses for Hannah B, our big fashion brain, who tipped us off to exactly what we should be placing on our feet over the cold winter months. “Lots of people – guys and girls – will be wearing biker boots in the coming weeks and months,” she told us over a pint of the fizzy stuff, “plus, desert boots are having a second blast in the sunshine.” Desert Boots? Brilliant. Regulars of the site will know that we recently voted desert boots our third favourite shoe of all time. This is great news, mainly because it looks like we’ve been unwittingly fashionable all along. Great news.

    You heard it here first, friends. Now go. Shop!

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  • Urgent fashion news about STUDS!

    Terrifying new shoes…

    studded converse

    Fashion – it’s so damn hard to keep up with. The minute we’d cottoned on to wearing Brokeback Mountain cowboy shirts, tight little shorts, and bright orange deck shoes, all of the angular fashion kids had moved on to something else. We felt so stupid, standing there in a grotty East London pub, everyone laughing at us from behind their heavy curtained fringes. We just looked so Spring/Summer 09. We didn’t realise that it was Autumn/Winter 10. Hence, we shan’t be returning to that pub in a hurry. Or will we? Thankfully, here in the sprawling Interestment offices, we have access to some of the greatest fashion brains in the whole of London, so rather than walking through trendy Shoreditch with our ears pressed against coffee shop windows trying to decipher tips, we just ask Hannah B – friend of the site, and massive expert on cloth. “Zips and studs are very popular at the moment,” she told us over a pint of the Sea Breezy stuff, “not so much in a Vivien from the Young Ones style, but much more chic than that.”

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    “You’ll find them classically placed on leather jackets – which is nothing new – but also on shoes, belts, dresses, leggings, jeans….everywhere really. Agyness Deyn was spotted recently wearing customised Converse with studs all over them and these boots are to die for. It’s all a bit bondage which instantly makes it sexy, but as the high street is proving, its totally wearable as well.”

    So there you have it. Studs. Now go, people. Shop!

  • Important Grunge-based fashion information!

    Can anyone else smell teen spirit?

    Love and Kurt

    As always, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the goings on in the fashion world. We usually do this by hanging around in fashionably shoddy pubs, our fringes hanging limply over our eyes, whilst our ears frenziedly flap, desperately hoping to obtain decent up-to-date information about which trousers we should be wearing if we want to be taken seriously as innovators. So, it was with a massive sigh of relief mixed with a high pitched squeal of delight that we heard from good friend of the site and throbbing fashion brain Hannah. “Grunge is back – check shirts, ripped leggings, shaggy knitwear – Kate Moss’s 11th collection for Topshop features it heavily, but more importantly it’s a good credit crunch look because you can nip into grannies wardrobe and ladder some old jumpers, team with tights and DMs and you’re off,” she told us over a pint of the red stuff, before we all shared a very welcomed impromptu hug, and laughed in the face of the recession.

    You heard it here first people. Now go. Shop!

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  • Hey squares, get hip to string vests!

    Erm, yeah, it’s a strong look…


    Our ongoing mission to one day decipher the intricate world of fashion leads us to string vests. That’s right, string vests. Vests made from string, traditionally worn by men who beat their wives, or drunk men who used to beat their wives before their wives left them. Now they just beat themselves. Those string vests, which – if our angular-featured fashion sources are correct – are one of the hot tips for people attempting to look mega-hip and with it this Summer/Autumn. We’ll be honest, these fashion riddles are becoming nearly impossible to figure out – if the rumours are true, all the coolest cats will be sunning themselves on an Ibizan yacht this August sporting deck shoes, string vests, some denim going on, Hitler-hair, and a couple of detailed tatts thrown in for extra dedicated-to-fashion points. And there we were thinking that v-neck t-shirts were a bit edgy. Not so.

    String vests. You heard it here first, people. Or, like, nineteenth.

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  • Interestment Television: Summer Fashion Tips

    Summer Fashion Tips

    With Summer here, it’s really hard to know what to wear to get a big thumbs up from the angular fashion kids that dictate who’s hot and who’s not. This year, after three decades of being decidedly not, we threw caution to the wind, and just asked for help. The location was Brick Lane, and those handing out nuggets of information were the hipsters, dreamers, and zanios that we’ve always looked up to. Enjoy.

    Subscribe to Interestment Television. There is lots more to come…

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  • Interestment Television: What is Cool?

    What is Cool?

    So here it is, friends, Interestment Television – here to provide extremely important information and entertainment. Over the coming weeks, months and years we aim to feed your brains, excite your eyes, and occasionally blow your minds. There may yet be an intriguing new internet sitcom in the pipeline, and we’re even toying with the idea of a gameshow. But to kick things off, we thought we’d head down to the magnificently trendy Brick Lane area of London to ask the locals exactly what being cool is all about. They shed a very small amount of light on the matter.

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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 12

    Look at Robert!


    Some days everything just clicks. You’ve got your best jacket on, you’ve got the two-tone effect in your hair that you’ve been saving up for, and your moustache has reached peak level brilliance. Time to go out and get seriously laid.

    (Thanks to our pals at Sexy People)

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  • Important fashion news about Union Jacks

    Very hot right now…


    As ever, we’ve been draping ourselves in fashionable coffee shops, pretending to write poems, but secretly listening in to angular conversations to see if we can pick up style tips. With the help of Hannah – friend of the site and big fashion brain – we have learned that fashion can often overlook politics entirely. The whisper in all the most downtrodden pubs where barmen sport vests and look like they have serious genital warts, is that the Union Jack – often synonymous with terrifying racist organisations, and rugby teams – is enjoying something of an upsurge in more trendy circles. “It’s the classic punk aesthetic,” Hannah told us over a brewski with lime in it because it’s the summer, “naff British eccentricity meets rock and roll – fashion is in love with the Union Jack just now.” And with that, we immediately ran away to stock up on Union Jack boxer shorts, t-shirts, shirts, knickers, stockings, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, shoes, and socks. We may have taken things too far.

    You heard it here first, non-racist friends.

    The rest of you, we’re being ironic okay! It’s fash-un not fash-ist!

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  • Big Brother 10: Style update and bisexuals

    Facepaint! Alcohol! Lasagna!


    The Big Brother house really brings out the bisexual in a man. Just this week, Sree has turned his attentions from Noirin – the Irish girl who lives her life by the Ten Commandments, ignoring the “thou shalt not get thy breasts out for cider” one – and now he appears to be all over Charlie, the gay Geordie played by Sean Penn. Kris also seems content bathing with Charlie, and Siavash burst into tears like a wife being handed divorce papers at Christmas when Ciaron was ushered from the show. It’s strange. But not as strange as watching Marcus – the hairy one who struggles with non-chatroom-based communication – puckering up his left nipple so that Sree could get stuck in during a game of dare-dare-or-dare.

    On the fashion front, a few interesting moves are being made. Karly, who sounds like she might be Sir Alex Ferguson’s voice coach, has given up on trousers altogether, and now just slopes around the house in a pair of underpants and a top. Angel has modeled herself on one of London’s many bicycle couriers, and Sophie – the glamour girl who always sounds like you’ve walked in on her crying – has really let her hair go. It looks a bit like Russell Brand’s, only in negative.

    Elsewhere in the house, Sree appears to think that Big Brother might have a quiet word with people for him, and Freddie revealed that when he has parties at home, it’s all “facepaint, alcohol, lasagna!”

    Sounds brilliant.

  • Essential fashion news about scarves…

    Yours for just five hundred smackaroos!


    We love hearing about fashion, that’s why we wander through the more bulbous trend setting streets of London with our ears smearing the walls of angular coffee shops, hoping to pick up tips. But today’s gem fell right into our laps, thanks to friend of the site, and excellent fashion mind, Hannah.

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    The word is that scarves are IN. Which is great news, because everyone loves scarves, from those scary street gang kids who rob newsagents with gorgeous printed silks over their faces, like Dick Turpin, to old women who wrap them around their heads so that they don’t get their hair wet when they’re scrubbing their front steps to the theme tune of Last of The Summer Wine. Even fierce model types love them, and the scarf du jour for anyone with absurd amounts of money is the Roses Stole Louis Vuitton scarf – a scarf so hot that you can’t even get it in London. You’ll need to go to New York or something, where it’ll set you back about £500. It’s stunning, it’s silk, and Posh Spice probably polishes her brass door knocker with the things.

    You heard it here first, women. Now, go, shop!

  • Important fashion information about headwear

    Once an Alice Band, now a Fascinator


    Sometimes, to make something fashionable, you just need to change the name up a bit. No one was drinking Magners back when it was called Daddy’s Apple Juice (which may or may not have happened) and would people still wear jeans if they were called Trampies? No they wouldn’t. Which leads us very smoothly to Fascinators, the latest must-have fashion gadget for girls, which used to be so uncool when they were just called Alice Bands. Friend of the site and remarkable fashion mind, Hannah, put us onto these, accurately pointing out that “they used to be worn only at weddings, but now they’re ten-a-penny in the fashion pages and on celebs”. Too true, too true. “Plus,” she continues, “wearing headbands over your forehead like Titania – the fairy princess – is an odd trend that has taken to the streets now and is super popular with young girls, including Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, Sienna Miller and the like.”

    You heard it here first, women. Now go! Shop!

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  • Urgent fashion news about boiler suits

    These people – unwittingly trendy


    There is nothing – literally nothing – more satisfying than being able to get dressed in the morning with less than four items, including pants and socks. In the 1980s, non-lesbians were cheerfully permitted to wear dungarees, and if you look at most of the babies in pushchairs these days, the majority are wearing an all-in-one type outfit. They’re happy, they’re smiling. We’d be happy. And luckily for the nation’s womenfolk the easy-to-slip-into boiler suit look is going to be white hot over the sunshine months. We know this because throbbing fashion brain and friend of the site, Hannah, told us so. “Now called Playsuits, these were all over the spring catwalks,” she insisted over a seriously refreshing gin. “I think they’re surprisingly flattering, and have looked great on everyone from Diana Rigg in The Avengers, to Kylie in Neighbours, to Lady GaGa – they’re fabulous.”

    You heard it here first, people. Go get one. Either from a shop, or a friendly painter/decorator might have a spare.

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  • Second hand bargain: A fancy white shirt

    Not to be confused with an unfancy one…


    Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasure of a local Job Centre Plus in recent months will have noticed a shift in clientele. Where once you’d find a timid asthmatic sitting next to a man with tattoos on his face, you now have puffy-eyed executives pretending to cheerfully fill in The Times crossword, even though it’s just some paper they dug out from the bin last night as a pillow, and they’re using a shiv for a pen. “What kind of job are you looking for?” asks the kind man from behind the desk. “Company director!” they splutter, falling to the floor, hammering their fists into the carpet. In the background, an asthmatic high fives Mr Tatt-Face man. A beautiful friendship sets sail. These are strange times. Which is why we feel a fresh breeze of joy on our cheeks whenever we hear about lovely bargains. Just two days ago, a certain member of the Interestment family was in a nearby charity shop holding up a white cotton shirt, wondering if the All Saints label made it sexy, or totally rubbish. A well placed fashion friend answered the phone. “Yeah, it’s pretty good, you’d normally expect to pay forty or fifty quid for a shirt.” So guess what? It was three quid!

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Interestment’s Top Four: Chanel Products

    That’s right, a serious fashion piece…


    It’s never anything less than brilliant to hear from a member of the growing Interestment flock, and today Oliver – a tall man who specialises in fine cloth and outlandish shoes – thought it important that we learn a little bit about the iconic Frenchwoman, Coco Chanel. He had this to say…

    [ad#Adsense Fashion]

    With the imminent release of the biopic Coco Avant Chanel and Johnny France going totally Chanel-mental, we thought it high time we gave this angular fashion woman the attention she demands. Some might argue that she invented fashion. They may or may not be right. Either way, here’s four things that the crow-faced madam deemed fit to pass onto the great unwashed and downright smelly…

    1. No 5


    The first perfume to ever have a designer’s name slapped all over it, this was sprayed into public nostrils back in 1921, when hardly anyone had cars. Legend goes that it was the fifth bottle from ten when seeking out the perfect scent to mask the strange pong rising from The Seine, making Paris smell like a fisherman’s underpants. In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe famously said that it was all she wore to bed, causing a massive worldwide erection epidemic.

    2. The Chanel Suit


    Some may argue that Chanel‘s Slutty Black Dress was her most generous gift to boyfriendless women, but I disagree. And before you try jabbing me in the face with your shiny high-heeled shoes, just look at the classic box jacket and knee length skirt suit. Go on. Look at it. Anyone from a demure old women with dusty hair, to a podgy little KFC oik would look amazing in this. You might even end up doing it with both of them.

    3. The 2.55 Bag


    The original and only true It bag in my humble opinion. Bored of carrying her bag and desperate to free up her oily hands, Coco designed the 2.55 – named after the date of its creation on February 1955 – and a legend was born. For those not in the know, it’s quite small and very portable. Like a giant’s wallet.

    4. Pockets.


    Yes, that’s right, pockets. Big bloody pockets. Ladies, next time you’re stood at a party where you don’t know anyone, you’ve given up smoking, you haven’t got a drink yet, and your hands are just flapping around at your side like eels in a fishing net, thank Ms Chanel for giving you somewhere to store your embarrassed limbs. She was obsessed by the little blighters. Back in the 30’s, her jackets caused near riots because of their conspicuous pockets. What one earth did women need pockets for? As it turns out – miniature Tampax.

    This column is in no way sponsored by Chanel, but any freebies should be sent to Oliver c/o Mr Interestment at The Internet, London, UK.

  • Second hand bargain: A Fred Perry Top

    Worn by Mods and Casuals…


    Yes, the sun has been shining, but don’t be fooled, we are still in the grip of a mean financial winter. Shop changing rooms are overflowing with ex-business brains tearfully pulling on new suits, just to experience the thrill of fresh cotton on their legs one more time. They might even attempt a nice shirt, needlessly squeezing their bloated, beer-swollen stomachs into something worth in excess of their dole money. Security will have been alerted to their suspicious movements. They will be returning home empty handed and ashamed. Dinner will be eggs. Again. Always eggs. Not even poached ones. Just limp, unappealing eggs. With bad ketchup. These are cruel, cruel times. Which is why we go totally balistic – in a good way – whenever we hear about lovely bargains. Just this weekend, good friend Daniel had a lovely fashion experience in a second hand shop. “They do a window display at our local NSPCC shop,” he told us, gulping down nearly half a pint of milk in one, “and there was a yellow Fred Perry just glaring at me, I love Fred Perry.” We all do, and we notice that it’s in a very brave yellow. Not for the faint hearted. So, come on Dan, how much for this daring polo shirt? “Four quid”.

    Fantastic hitting-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Urgent fashion news about ripped jeans!

    Darling, can I borrow your flick knife?


    We bloody love fashion people, with their strange haircuts, and their pink tights worn with completely straight faces. Unfortunately, keeping up with their curious flights of fancy is near impossible, so thank Christ for our Interestment fashion expert, Oliver, who today tells us a little bit about the jackets and trousers that we should be sporting this spring/summer/autumn/winter. He had this to say…

    [ad#Adsense Fashion]

    Fashionistas can now stop cutting themselves with rusty stanley knives and re-focus their self loathing onto the nearest pair of denim trousers – or jeans as they’re known in America. Yes, ripped jeans are back, so expect to hear loud tuts coming from befuddled old women as they catch sight of these strange youths with their torn up trousers and silly rap music. A number of gentlemanly testicles flopping from seriously misjudged rips will be reported over the summer. I guarantee it.

    In other news, the proliferation of the original pointy shoulder Balmain jackets (below) has caught my attention. This is great for people looking for somewhere to hang their towels, but means sod all to anyone else. In my humble opinion, this will be about as short-lived and costly as a German tennis sex encounter. So avoid this ridiculousness, else spend the rest of your lives weeping into a pool of your own size zero bulimia vomit.


    Until next time…

  • It’s the 500th Post!

    Thank you, thank you very much…


    For those who have been here from the start, we applaud you, and for those new to the site, welcome. We’re now 500 posts old. In that time, we’ve cast a curious eye over record sleeves, delivered very important bits of information about fashion, appreciated the greatest women from the past, and whooped and cheered about bargains found in charity shops.

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    Here’s to the next 500!

    You can also follow us on The Face Place and Tweeting.

    Take it away The Kingsmen!

  • When Hip Hop crews look FABULOUS!

    Kanye West and the tough guys…


    As everyone knows, rap music is about posturing, looking mean, showing the next crew that you’re the best. No one can stop you. It’s also about wearing tight animal print trousers, carrying dinky little suitcases and feeling a bit tearful sometimes. Observe (above).

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  • Second hand bargain: Some nice dungarees

    Is this the new recession chic?


    In such bewildering financial times, the fashion world tends to take a nosedive. Wives of bankers are refused the all clear to go mental in Zara, no one can afford nice shoes, and even pig-faced little princesses have had their allowances cut by half. The workplace is in fashion hell – men in sweat stained suits, post boys resorting to tracksuits as a two-fingered salute. On the streets, it’s anything goes. In that sense, these are exciting, vibrant times. Which is why we start thumping our chests wildly whenever we hear about an intriguing bargain. “I bought some dungarees,” said James, nervously, “I saw them, I looked at them, and I bought them – man’s dungarees, I bought them.” Once widely known as a symbol of lesbianism, or just being a child, James feels that dungarees should be reclaimed by the kind of worn-knuckled handymen they were originally designed for – or Dexys Midnight Runners fans. In our opinion, they look fantastic. So come on, James, how much for this bold and adventurous fashion suicide? “Eight quid!”

    For dungarees? You what?

    Just kidding. Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A cardigan

    Knitwear, but for a gentleman…


    In these unbearable financial times, the world is morphing into a very strange place indeed. Former company directors – now unemployed – are looking to their childhood for comfort, leaving the streets awash with grown men in fancy dress cowboy outfits, just weeping. It’s a sorry, surreal, depressing time. Which is why we go bonkers whenever we hear about a good bargain! Just today friend of the site, Richard, found an excellent garment to dress up in. “I stumbled across a really nice cardigan in my local charity shop,” he beamed, “and I absolutely love cardigans.” He’s not the only one, we’re also big fans of woollen underjackets, even better when they’re cashmere. So, come on Richard, how much for this gorgeous cardi? “Four quid.”

    Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Massive fashion news about the colour red

    News from the inside…


    It’s such a fun time of year, London Fancy Dress Week. All the famous children – Geldofs, Lowe, Winston – get to pretend to be grown ups, and even Sienna Miller’s sister, Savannah, has been allowed to pose as a fashion designer. It’s great – like Stella McCartney all over again. So far, there have been a few gaffs – like girls wearing coats with skirts (come on, guys!), and at least ten models have been overheard making themselves violently sick in the ladies. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, because once the bone-shuddering humiliation of dressing up like a cowboy and keeping a straight face has dissolved, you can take away some excellent fashion lessons from this festival of idiots. This year, for example, we have learnt that everyone will be wearing wonderful scarlet outfits next autumn/winter. Time to stock up on red stuff, style junkies.

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  • Fantastic Hat, No 1: Battered Black Leather Pork Pie

    If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get one


    Now that the Ozone Layer has been totally obliterated and icy cold winds are zipping in from the north, headgear has become an absolute must. This is great news, because we adore hats, and will from here-on-in be celebrating a new hat every single week!

    [ad#Adsense Fashion]

    First up, give a big hand for the Battered Black Leather Pork Pie, which comes courtesy of new friend of the site, Jill Corbett – she cuts and prepares her hats to your precise measurements. Perched atop your head, it gives a gentleman the look of a wise guy with street smarts, or, indeed, Serpico. Absolutely brilliant.

    Visit Jill’s shop here.

  • Excellent football news for fashion fans

    Football by day, glamourous frock maker by night


    Football and fashion have always maintained an awkward relationship. For every stylish gesture from players like Becksie, Cisse, and The Redknapp Family, you get Paul Scholes wearing a jumper from Millets, or Jamie Carragher in his training kit at a Royal Gala event. It’s totally confused, so thank goodness for the arrival of Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal’s newest signing. The word on the street is that the Russian isn’t just a fantastic football player, he’s also an absolutely excellent fashion designer, having studied frocks and cocktail dresses at university. So expect to see Wenger, Fabregas and the rest of the guys kitted out in fine silk scarves and winkle pickers before the season is out. Chelsea FC, it’s time to up your fashion game. That means you Lampsie, you JT, you Drog Drog, you The Cole Sisters, you Dexy, you Nelksie Face etc…

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  • Extremely important fashion news about shoes

    Women, if you know what’s good for you…


    With London Fancy Dress Week only a month away, you can sense the tension in the air. What can we possibly wear on our feet to impress visiting fashion designers and their dogs? People are literally going out of their minds. Thankfully, we have a finger very much in the plug of fashion, thanks to an ongoing friendship with an expert, playfully known as Oliver – like the orphan. He told us that guys can continue oscillating between pointed jester shoes and cowboy boots, while girls should be having a serious look at an angry young fashion rebel called Nicholas Kirkwood. According to Nicholas’ “people”: “Pointedly refusing to design flat-soled shoes, Nicholas Kirkwood’s heels imbue a powerful femininity within their wearer.”

    You heard it here first, ladies. Now go! Imbue some femininity!

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