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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Crazy Foreign Funk


    Don’t worry, we have no idea what the title of this particular clip is all about either. Frankly, it looks like gobbledigook to us. But don’t let that put you off this wonderful slice of zany foreign beats, recommended by friend of the site, and Super Disco Expert, Guy. It’s crazy stuff that should blow your mind.

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  • Happy Birthday Barry Gibb, here’s the Bee Gees!

    The Bee Gees, Staying Alive

    Barry Gibb, the Jesus-looking one from the Bee Gees, is 63 today, which probably means that the legendary beard-and-hair thing he’s got happening is all rather thinning and grey. He might even struggle to sqodge his withering body parts into those old tight trousers he used to wear in the Staying Alive video – you know, the one where the brothers Gibb are wandering around a knackered old house singing about how good they are with women. Great times. Hence we thought we’d buy him a gift, so we sat in a park sipping budget 2 per cent lager all afternoon, until it boiled down to a toss up between a tasty scotch egg, or a video of his band from way back in 1977. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Barry Gibb!

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: More Supermax

    Supermax, It Ain’t Easy

    Finally, the middle of the week. That means just two more days and it’s the weekend. Which will then be followed by the beginning of the week. It’s a well oiled system, that pretty much runs like clockwork. Site regulars will know that we like to celebrate Wednesdays by unbuttoning our shirts to the bellybutton, rearranging the lighting, then dancing enthusiastically for our work colleagues. Cue Supermax (courtesy of friend of the site Guy)!

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Supermax

    World of Today, Supermax

    It’s always excellent to hear from a member of the Interestment family, and today disco music expert Guy returns to drop some science about this Supermax person. He had this to say…

    Supermax – he’s what you get if you cross Iron Maiden with David Essex and some early 80’s Italian synths.  He wrote the soundtrack to a thousand teutonic mediterranean poolside sunlounge heists.  If you’re not on your yacht, but still feeling steamy, rip off your shirts, put on your leathers and lick the monitor.  I did, and suddenly I felt free.  That’s what Supermax can do.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Heatwave

    Heatwave, Boogie Nights

    Yes, Wednesday! That means it’s time to listen to some excellent disco records by men in matching leotards wearing strange womanly belts. Thank Christ then for Heatwave, here telling us that there ain’t no doubt, we are here to party. Take note.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Stacy Lattisaw

    Stacy Lattisaw, Dynamite

    Far out, it’s Wednesday already. This week is flying by, baby. Hopefully today you’ll have arrived at work pre-prepared with some nice tight polyester numbers, and a couple of slick gold chains dripping from your wrists. It is Super Disco Wednesday after all. Above the excellent Stacy Lattisaw sings about explosives.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Fantasy

    Fantasy, You’re Too Late

    On Super Disco Wednesdays we like to embrace all manner of sensational dancefloor sounds, from latin grooves, to Bulgarian synthesizer funk, to Yorkshire two step, to 80s Boogie. Above is a brilliant example of the latter.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Matia Bazar

    Matia Bazar, Ti Sento

    Disco music doesn’t just touch English speaking people, it touches the whole world, such is the magnetic draw of those rubber basslines and snappy drums. The clothes are also too sexy to ignore, with all those tight-crotch trousers and man made fibres. It is a very strong look, so to celebrate this week’s Super Disco Wednesday, we’ve dug up some sassy foreign disco, courtesy of friend of the site Guy.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Chic

    Chic, I want your love

    Wednesday is officially the most glitzy day of the week, so if you’re at work, dim the lights, get one of those sparkling disco balls happening, shrink all of your clothes, and set sail into an ocean of pelvic thrusts. Today, the magnificent Chic are here to smear disco lube into your ears.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Dance Competition

    UK Disco Dance Finals, 1980, Part One

    Wednesday is the most glitzy day of the week – a time for tight groin hugging trousers, shoes with enormous heels, and fluffy back combed hair. Today, enjoy a squirt down memory tap to the olden days when they used to have big dancing contests on TV. Like Strictly Come Dancing, only better. And, should you feel the need, you can watch the entire show…

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    Part Two

    Part Three

  • Super Disco Wednesday: Tony Orlando

    Tony Orlando, Don’t Let Go

    Today’s Super Disco hit comes courtesy of friend of the site, Guy. It features sensual strings, cool synths, and mental images of men in tight trousers making invisible love to mic stands.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Roller Boogie

    Roller Boogie, Let’s Go Skate

    Site regulars will have dressed for the occasion, it being Super Disco Wednesday, so don’t be alarmed of one of your colleagues is sporting astonishingly tight trousers, a crop top and some roller skates. It’s just the vibe, baby. Just the vibe. Above are some hip young skaters doing their thing.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Leroy Gomez

    Leroy Gomez, Get Up Boogie

    Man, look at you – tired after crawling to work because of the tube strike, smelly because of the crawling, embarrassed because you were spotted on all fours. You’re a mess. Still, nothing a little sparkle from Leroy Gomez couldn’t sort out and rearrange – here he is telling us to pack all of our troubles into a beige filing cabinet, and just dance. Good for you, Leroy. Good for you.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Fern Kinney

    Fern Kinney, Groove Me

    Once again, it’s a total honour to hear from one of the expanding Interestment family, and today is the turn of disco expert Guy to share the knowledge. He had this to say…

    It’s easy to forget – midweek, in a sea of grey – that there are better things out there.  Black Spandex pants for one thing.  And lyrics that start “hey there sugar dumpling”.  So on Super Disco Wednesday, drag yourselves from behind your monitors, put on your best pouty lips and dancefloor strut, and slide across the floor to this (above).

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Dennis Parker

    Dennis Parker, Like An Eagle

    It’s always a joy to hear from the growing Interestment flock, and today Guy – latest recruit, and fantastic disco expert – had this to say…

    Wednesday’s used to be about midweek blues, furtively looking at the clock as it inched closer to the weekend, glumly reading the dreary headlines about which politician stole your tuna sandwich.  NO LONGER, Super Disco Wednesday gives YOU the freedom – the freedom to dream, to dance and sing.  To wear a silver jump suit and sport a daring ‘tache, and fly through the city “Like an eagle…”

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Dance Lesson

    Where The Happy People Go

    Wednesdays are usually so dreary and worthless. So limp. But not anymore. In the same way that Tuesdays are now devoted to fantastic Jazz records and inventive ways to take opium, and Thursdays are all about smearing great big handfuls of massage oil into your partner’s buttocks, Wednesdays have been reinvented as the glitzy day of the week. A time for shiny trousers, small talk, and well brushed teeth. We will be celebrating all things Disco. Today, a very useful dance class.

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