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  • Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie, here’s more Steve Brule!

    Sweet Berry Wine! Dr. Steve Brule

    Angelina Jolie – the actress who spends long summer evenings dragging her nails down Brad Pitt’s perspiring back – is 34 today. She’s had quite a life. She’s acted in films, got weird tatts done, carried Billy Bob Thornton blood samples around in a carrier bag. She’s strange. So strange that she’s spent literally her entire life puffing her thin lips out to an extreme pout, and has somehow convinced the world that they naturally look like that. Have we got MUG written on our forehead, Angelina? Have we? No we haven’t. No we haven’t. Anyway, regardless of her stupid pretend mouth, we thought we’d get her a gift, so we sat in the corner of an Australian pub while the rugby was on, and decided that we should either get her a sharp pencil to stab rugby players with, or a Steve Brule video, even though we gave Charlie Watts a Steve Brule video earlier in the week. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Angelina!

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  • Happy Birthday Charlie Watts, here’s Steve Brule

    Brule’s Rules, Body Odour

    It’s been quite a week for birthdays in The Rolling Stones – Ronnie Wood spent yesterday evening mixing jelly with ice cream whilst repeatedly thanking the rest of The Stones for his marvelous gifts. While today, his cohort Charlie Watts turns 68. And what a 68 years, most of them spent keeping a straight face during Mick Jagger’s mid-song dance solos, which mainly involve leaping around the stage like a child pretending to be a salmon.  Not once has Watts laughed, not once. Hence we thought we should get him a gift, so we scurried to the top of a tree, to where the monkeys live, and spoke in a rare primate dialect until it boiled down to a toss up between a pretend dog dirt to put on stage to throw Jagger, or a funny clip from a television programme. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Watts!

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  • More fantastic book titles!

    Texture like sun, apparently…


    It only seems like a few days ago when we wowed the planet into a trembling quiet with our suggestion that Charlie Watts write an autobiography called Sticks and Stones, and now the suggestions are flying in like turbo-charged bumble bees. First excellent maker of comments, Spencer, wanted Leene on Me. Then tremendous Welshman Daf called for E.M.I.N on Emin – someone from the European Migration Information Network appreciating Tracey Emin. And now Monkeytennis, a funny chap, has waded in with a handful of crackers:

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    Moron Moore on Michelmore – Michael Moore takes a lighthearted look at the life and times of Cliff Michelmore.

    Waugh on War – a self explanatory epic.

    Dixie Chicks on X-rated FlicksC&W’s most outspoken band review the latest top shelf video releases.

    Fox on Socks – Emilia Fox takes us through her sock drawer.

    Other brilliant titles include:

    Jordan on Jordan – the popular singer/model explains that she’s never been to the Middle East but that her and Peter have been to Norfolk and that was quite nice. Thanks to excellent contributor Debs for that one.

    And Gordon Brown: Texture Like Sun from the brilliant/handsome Welshman, Daf.

    Can you think of a good one? Come on, don’t be shy. Let us know with a comment…

  • Intriguing celebrity book title update!

    The ideas are flooding in…


    Ever since we wowed the nation into a stunned silence with our idea for a Charlie Watts biography called Sticks and Stones, the suggestions have been flowing in thick and fast. Yesterday, excellent maker of comments, Spencer, came up with Leene on Me (Myleene Klass autobiography), and today, a handsome Welshman called Daf piped up with some corkers of his own. He had this to say:

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    How about a series of books about artists by their namesakes?

    1. Moore on Moore – Roger Moore attempts to decipher the enigmatic sculptures of Henry Moore.

    2. Spencer on Spencer – Stanley Spencer appreciated by Frank Spencer (the womanly actor from the old sitcom “Some mothers do ‘ave ’em”).

    3. E.M.I.N on Emin – someone from the European Migration Information Network slipping on the puke of Tracey Emin.

    Can you think of a good one? Come on, don’t be shy. Let us know with a comment…

  • Send us your great biography title suggestions!

    We’ll kick it off…


    In a moment of blind genius the other day, we realised that famous drummer Charlie Watts is totally missing a trick by not writing a book called Sticks and Stones. Can you think of any other famous faces who are due a brilliantly titled biography?

    Let us know with a comment…

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