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  • Second hand bargain: A Teasmade

    Tells time, and makes tea…


    For businessmen it’s always been about the perks. These guys don’t crunch numbers and power-lunch for fun. Hence, back in the day, before this sour economic climate smeared bittersweet sugar on open, weeping mouth ulcers, the businessman’s day was bookended with treats. There would be a nice cup of tea, and a brace of poached eggs waiting on the table in the morning, and after work, the drugs were always free. Hence why, if you listen very closely, you can still hear the faint hum of sobbing coming from skips and wheelie-bins, and around the assortment of shop doorways where these once-high-flyers now spend their Sunday morning lie-ins. These are cruel times, friends. These men have been forced to steal for their habits. Which is why we go bananas with joy whenever we feel the warm, gentle breeze of a wonderful bargain. Just this week, former city boy, and vague acquaintance of the site Kenneth made a fantastic discovery in his local Feed The Pandas – or some such. “They were selling a teasmade!” he yelped, feasting on a breakfast Ginsters. “A teasmade!” That’s right, a teasmade. For those too young to realise, these were once the iPhone of their generation. It was an alarm clock that made you tea. Actual tea in a cup. You’d wake up, lean over your naked, contented partner, and a hot cup would be sitting there waiting for you. Genius. So come on Kenny, don’t keep us in suspenders. How much for this wonderful robot wife? “A fiver!”

    Astonishing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: Akira

    Classic cartoon fun…


    Don’t be surprised if Orange Wednesdays suddenly morph into Orange Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, because at this rate, no one’s going to have a job, so cinema trips are likely to lose out in a toss up between film or food. Should that happen, then Hollywood will have roughly ten years left to prosper before decaying from the inside out and ending up a smelly ghost town, spattered with people who look like Tom Cruise and his wife feasting on squealing rats in a wheelie bin. It’s a strange, unusual time. Which is why we get stroked by the feathery hand of happiness whenever we hear about a wonderful bargain. Just this very week, friend of the site Johnny stumbled across a fantastic find in his local Protect The Kids (or some such). “I haven’t seen a good film in absolutely ages,” he confided over a Woodbine and a brandy, “so when I saw Akira in the local charity shop, I lurched forward, grabbed the thing, then bought it.” Sounds like standard shopping procedure. And for those who don’t know, Akira is probably the greatest Manga cartoon of them all, certainly the most famous one. So come on, Johnny, how much for this fantastic movie? “50p”

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    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

    Here’s the trailer…

  • Second hand bargain: Some wonderful literature

    The original O.C in many ways…

    Sweet Valley

    It’s not just the grown ups suffering in this cruel financial downturn, think of the teenagers. A year ago, with mum and dad away “on business”, opportunistic offspring would take the bull by the horns, and throw gargantuan house parties, involving much cider, at least nine people violently throwing up, and almost every girl present would take a turn at weeping for attention. The night would finally come to an abrupt end with a sea of wasted youngsters sucking one another’s necks like they were high powered hoovers and the neck were a filthy carpet that needed a once over, and the host spazzing out because their prey for the evening decided to get off with someone considerably hotter but not nearly as wealthy. It’s not fair! But now look at these spoilt little oiks. With daddy fired from his bank job, they’ve had to relocate to shopping centres and car parks. It’s only a matter of time before their boredom drives them to carving shivs from bits of discarded wood and old razors. They’ll end up in chokey. Make no mistake about that. These are strange, worrying times. Which is why we go berserk with joy whenever we catch wind of a wonderful bargain, and only this week friend of the site Carol stumbled across an excellent find in her local Save the Cats (or some such). “I used to love Sweet Valley High books when I was a teenager,” she told us, whilst simultaneously preening herself in a hand held mirror, “so when I saw about eight of them on the book shelf in my local charity shop, I took the lot.” For those unfortunate enough not to have had the pleasure, these chronicles tell the story of a beautiful set of twins called Elizabeth and Jessica, who swan around California having the time of their lives. The books are a little bit like Less Than Zero minus the drugs. They’re brilliant. So come on, Carol, how much for these hard hitting books about teenagers? “20p each!”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: An old X-Men comic

    All for charity, this one…

    X Men

    Such is the worrying extent of this cruel financial winter that people who would never have considered joining the army, or teaching, or plumbing a few months ago are now having a massive career rethink. Which basically means that our national borders will soon be defended by disgruntled ad execs shouting slogans as they sithe through bad guys. Our children will be taught the essentials by ex-journalists who once stood in the same room as Liam Gallagher, and think that makes them interesting. Our pipes will be mended by men in expensive suits, carrying their kit in a briefcase. These are strange, unsettling times. Which is why we go bonkers with glee whenever we hear about wonderful second hand finds. Just this weekend, friend of the site Simon stumbled across a brilliant comic in his local charity shop. “It’s an X-Men comic from 1985,” he told us over a very frothy milkshake, “and all of the proceeds from this particular issue went to famine relief in Africa, so it was a charity comic.” We are, of course, big fans of charity, Simon, and that particular famine was a bastard – we remember it well. The comic features the X-Men heading into Africa to feed the hungry – it’s a wonderful installment. So, come on Si, how much for this well-meant superhero yarn? “A quid!”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: Gladiator

    Father of a married son, husband to a beautiful daughter etc…


    As with so many periods of chaos, the cruel financial winter has sparked a wave of hysterical behaviour from grown men, as they hurtle around firing people and waving money in your face shouting “mine, this is mine, this money… is mine!”. Their regal masks of superiority slipping clean off, replaced by the gurning face of greed, the stone-hearted unemotional blank eyes of nastiness, and the soft, useless penis of middle/upper management. Yet sadly, in this day and age, revenge is considered rather unprofessional, so we are forced to endure the fact that these oiky little toads will probably survive the downturn unscathed, and go on to lead long and happy lives, blissfully unaware that around 94.8 per cent of the people they have met over the years have secretly despised them. It’s a strange, higgledy-piggledy time. Which is why we get kissed on the face by the sweet caress of glee whenever we catch wind of a wonderful bargain. Just this very weekend, friend of the site Al stumbled across a fantastic revenge film in his local Save the Cats – or something. “One of my all time favourite films is Gladiator,” he told us, attempting a Russell Crowe voice, “so when I saw it on the DVD shelf, I lurched forward and grabbed it, I was over the moon!” As anyone would be, Al, it’s a gripping movie, make no mistake about that. So come on, how much for this sword-sandals-and-a-tiger romp? “50p”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: Lacoste polo shirts

    The second best around…


    It’s only when you find yourself in a proverb situation that you realise just how true these weird little nuggets are. Hence why you won’t see any cooks shaking their heads in disagreement should you declare that too many of them would spoil a broth – they’ve been there, six or seven crowded around one stove, a tiny kitchen, all trying to take control of a soup. They ruined it. They know they did. And it’s also why we no longer stare into horses mouths. Another such proverb situation has arisen thanks to the cruel financial downturn, which has turned former choosers into lowly beggars – meaning that we have all had to make do with what we can get. Once high-flying businessmen are having to endure the bitter pill of economy sausages where once they had fillet steaks, young go-getters have been forced to replace expensive bags of narcotics with weak lagers that were on offer. These are strange, transitional times. Which is why we go bonkers whenever we catch wind of a wonderful bargain. Just this weekend, friend of the site Roberto enjoyed a successful second hand shopping spree, even though he had to make do with his second choice. “I’m normally a Fred Perry man when it comes to polo shirts, but this shop was selling Lacoste ones, so I bought about four,” he told us, whilst simultaneously sporting one of the wonderful tops, “I guess beggars can’t be choosers.” You took the words right out of our mouths, Robbie! So, come on, how much for these still-excellent items of loveliness? “A fiver each!”

    That’s amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: Loads of books

    Like, literally loads…


    Mind and body have always maintained an awkward relationship, with one keen to sit down and read, while the other wants to bounce around doing stuff. It’s tricky to find that middle ground. Hence why it’s rare that you’ll meet a body sculptor with much to say, or an English professor with a couple of growling pectorals threatening to burst through his sensible shirt. It’s pretty much one or the other. In this cruel financial downturn, however, body is beginning to take an upper hand, as withered businessmen fight to fend off the post-traumatic stress of getting fired by jogging in parks, or sitting on roadsides bench pressing old bricks or discarded Coke cans. They can’t afford to feed their minds, making for some strange, rather stupid, times. Times that are so weird and mean that we dance for joy whenever we hear about intellectual bargains. Just this weekend, a very high ranking member of the Interestment family stumbled upon an old charity shop flogging books for 10p each – and not just your rubbish Robbie Williams and Sharon Osbourne biogs either. These guys had Salinger, Bukowski, Hemingway, Rushdie, Amis, Oliver. All the good stuff. And thus, a bag was stuffed to the brim, and a doddering old lady behind the counter demanded “£1.40”. She was given £1.50 and told to keep the change.

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession! Take THAT body!

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  • Second hand bargain: A great party record

    A much-needed dancing essential


    It’s been such a cruel financial winter, cunningly disguised by what is turning out to be one heck of a sunny season. Blinded by the rays beaming down from the heavens, you probably haven’t noticed that the tramps are now wearing tatty Armani suits, and the cup for any spare change is actually a very nice hand made brief case from Milan. But the major difference is that these tramps are saving up for cocaine and cava, not your usual skag. It’s a strange time. Very strange. Which is why we go absolutely wild whenever we catch wind of a fantastic bargain. Just today, friend of the site Jo got in touch with tales of an excellent musical find. “I’ve been on the lookout for a summer soundtrack, and I think I’ve found it,” she declared, brandishing a very shiny vinyl record, “it was in a crate at my local NSPCC and I just liked the look of it.” We popped it on the Interestment turntable, and sure enough, it’s an absolute belter – perfect for outdoor Summer dancing. So come on, Jo, how much for this excellent record? “A quid”

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    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

    Here’s the song…

  • Second hand bargain: Some espadrilles

    The shoe of kings…


    Such is the cruel nature of the nasty financial winter that men who once walked down the streets with their heads held high can now be found lurking in alleyways, weeping behind bins. Afraid to return home to the woman who demands perfection. They have nothing to give her any more – all the good meat at the good butchers isn’t reserved for their kind, and the only wine in his price bracket has already been guzzled by a tramp. These are appalling, mystifying times. Which is why we go bonkers and punch the sky whenever we hear about bargains. Just today, friend of the site Raymond thought he’d get in touch about a wonderful set of summer slippers. “I was in the local Cancer Research, and they were flogging these amazing espadrilles,” he told us, practically choking on his own joy, “so I bought about four pairs!” Four pairs? That is quite the bulk buy, Raymond, so come on, spill the beans, how much for these cork soled delights? “£3.50 a pair!”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A sensitive T-shirt

    Have we STILL not saved them?


    Only a year ago,  airports would have been awash with bloated businessmen with suckling pig skin, limping back from whichever European city they deemed worthy of degrading for the weekend. They’d get home, shower thoroughly, then get around to booking Tuscany for the wife and kids. Heathrow was in the throws of silly season. And yet, there it stands, Terminal Five, a flying paradise where you can eat some Gordon Ramsay boil-in-the-bag, or buy fine trinkets to drape around your feminine wrists. But it’s empty. Deserted. All that remains is the echo of loud honking city boy voices that are still bouncing off the walls from eight or nine months ago. People don’t go on holiday anymore, they hide. These are strange, unsettling times. Which is why we go completely berserk whenever we hear about decent bargains. Just two days ago, friend of the site Stuart enjoyed a wonderful hippy moment in a local NSPCC joint. “In amongst all the strife we’ve forgotten about the whales,” he roared down the phone, sounding completely off his face, “so when I spotted a Save The Whales T-shirt, I remembered them, so I bought it!” And so anyone should. Although, we assumed they’d already been saved, having seen quite a few of them on Planet Earth. But no matter, come on Stuart, how much for this important message emblazoned across your womanly chest? “Two quid!”

    Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A fancy white shirt

    Not to be confused with an unfancy one…


    Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasure of a local Job Centre Plus in recent months will have noticed a shift in clientele. Where once you’d find a timid asthmatic sitting next to a man with tattoos on his face, you now have puffy-eyed executives pretending to cheerfully fill in The Times crossword, even though it’s just some paper they dug out from the bin last night as a pillow, and they’re using a shiv for a pen. “What kind of job are you looking for?” asks the kind man from behind the desk. “Company director!” they splutter, falling to the floor, hammering their fists into the carpet. In the background, an asthmatic high fives Mr Tatt-Face man. A beautiful friendship sets sail. These are strange times. Which is why we feel a fresh breeze of joy on our cheeks whenever we hear about lovely bargains. Just two days ago, a certain member of the Interestment family was in a nearby charity shop holding up a white cotton shirt, wondering if the All Saints label made it sexy, or totally rubbish. A well placed fashion friend answered the phone. “Yeah, it’s pretty good, you’d normally expect to pay forty or fifty quid for a shirt.” So guess what? It was three quid!

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A delightful telephone

    Oh, how wonderfully retro!


    With the planet shuddering beneath the financial hurricane, pretty soon everything you own will be standard issue. You’ll have standard issue shirts, standard issue powdered eggs, standard issue cars. Everyone will start to look exactly the same, boys and girls sharing the same standard issue hairstyle, and sexual intercourse will be strictly standard issue spooning – missionary will be too similar to making love to your reflection. The government would never stand for that. It’s all so standard issue. Which is why we go bonkers whenever we hear about something strange, exciting and unusual. “I was just walking down the street when I spotted a brilliant old phone in a charity shop,” explains good friend, Catherine. “It would look brilliant in the lounge, so I bought it.” The risky purchase is all the colours of the rainbow – except red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. So it’s blue. With a bit of black. It looks great. So, come on Cath, how much for this ever so non-standard-issue purchace? “£4.50”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A wonderful ashtray

    The perfect accompaniment to a smoke…


    With all the G20 stuff going on, stress levels are going through the roof – people, it seems, are not happy. And the smoking ban hasn’t helped much, frankly. Instead of standing outside, desperately fighting the urge to throw rocks and rabbit punch each other in the throat, these people could be indoors enjoying the smooth sensation of a nice smoke. These are violent, petrifying times. Which is why we breathe a massive sigh of relief whenever we catch wind of a bargain. Just today, we received a letter in the mail from our old friend, Geoff, detailing a superb charity shop find. “I miss the little glass ashtrays you’d see in pubs,” he wrote, tears staining the perfumed paper he’d used, “so when I saw this in my local RSPCA shop, I decided to buy the damn thing and open up a smoking club round at mine.” We won’t, unfortunately, be joining that club, but good for you, Geoff – we admire your community spirit. So, come on, spill the beans, how much for this magnificent antique? “55p”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A cardigan

    Knitwear, but for a gentleman…


    In these unbearable financial times, the world is morphing into a very strange place indeed. Former company directors – now unemployed – are looking to their childhood for comfort, leaving the streets awash with grown men in fancy dress cowboy outfits, just weeping. It’s a sorry, surreal, depressing time. Which is why we go bonkers whenever we hear about a good bargain! Just today friend of the site, Richard, found an excellent garment to dress up in. “I stumbled across a really nice cardigan in my local charity shop,” he beamed, “and I absolutely love cardigans.” He’s not the only one, we’re also big fans of woollen underjackets, even better when they’re cashmere. So, come on Richard, how much for this gorgeous cardi? “Four quid.”

    Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: An amazing film

    Young, dumb and full of…


    Such is the crippling nature of this recession that you shouldn’t be surprised to see your boss – once so suave, so classy – feverishly licking the insides of a discarded Pot Noodle, desperate for nourishment. And to think he used to satisfy his aggressive hunger with baked oysters and truffle mash. Such hard, worrying times. Which is why we scream hysterically and start clapping our hands whenever we hear of a great bargain. Just last night, good friend Jim was telling us over a pint of the warm stuff about a brilliant film he stumbled across. “New films just don’t seem to cut the mustard,” he slurred, weirdly, “but I found Point Break in the charity shop down the road! What a movie!” Jim’s right, it is an excellent film. For those who haven’t been carressed by Point Break‘s gentle beauty, it’s the tale of an FBI agent – stunningly played by Keanu Reeves – on the trail of some bank robbers, who may or may not be surfers. Patrick Swayze also stars as an ace surfer/modern philosopher called Bodhi, who says things like: “If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price”, and “they only live to get radical”. It’s completely brilliant. So come on, Jim, how much for this masterpiece of modern cinema? “One pound!”

    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession

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  • Second hand bargain: A colourful blazer

    Only for the very very brave


    What a week. RBS bankers are fleeing to the Maldives to escape the madness, while their bosses have been spotted stooping down to examine bins, seriously weighing up how disgusting it would be to eat half a sandwich with a banana skin on it. These are strange, curious, penniless times. Which is why we go out of our minds with joy whenever we hear about bargains. Today, our great pal Phil called up with an excellent story about a jacket. “I found a fantastic striped blazer in a charity shop,” he started, “it’s excellent, but if it was in a normal shop I probabaly wouldn’t buy it – too expensive, and too risky.” Having seen a picture of the thing, we know exactly what he’s saying – it’s a startling number, and only the most confident dresser could pull it off. So, come on big man, how much for this amazing technicolour dream coat? “A fiver!”

    Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A metal teapot

    If Mike can’t go to the caff, the caff will go to Mike


    During the recession, you’d be wise not to visit the streets after dark. Sobbing businessmen walk past empty boutiques, mountains of battered briefcases grow from once-ignored dustbins, and what’s that putrid stench in the air? It’s the smell of discarded truffle oil and balsamic vinegar seeping into the atmosphere from the sewers. What a cold, near-apocalyptic world. Which is why we go bananas whenever we hear about bargains! Just yesterday, a newly unemployed friend called Mike made his shattered world slightly less perilous and disturbing with the discovery of a familiar teapot. “One of the things I was going to miss most about my job was having breakfast in the caff up the road,” he confessed, welling up, but in a manly way. “It was lovely – sausage, bacon, eggs, all washed down with a mug of splosh from one of those little metal teapots – so the minute I saw it sitting there, I grabbed it.” Okay, spill the beans then Mike, how much for this kindly old friend? “It was two quid!”

    Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: Some new frames

    As worn by Run DMC


    Not only is everyone running out of money, but now it’s snowing. Anyone who saw The Day After Tomorrow will already be on their way to New York to save the planet. For the rest of us, it’s a great time to bargain hunt, because old people will be too afraid to leave the house to rummage around charity shops. Today, we are enormously impressed by our good friend Matthew, who found an excellent set of glasses frames at a car boot sale. “They’re actual Cazal frames, like the ones from the 1980s,” he whooped, to a confused silence. “They’re cool.” Newly educated, we asked him the million dollar question – how much? “I got them for five quid, normally they’d be at least ten times that.”

    Phenomenal sticking-it-to-the-recession!

    Enjoy Run DMC after the jump…

    Read more…

  • Second hand bargain: A nice hat

    Looks brilliant, was quite cheap


    As ever, in this cold financial winter, we vigourously applaud anyone who can warm the cockles with a bargain. So don’t speed up when you’re passing your local second hand shop, do the opposite – slow down. Even go in, because once inside, you’ll find a world of cheap stuff, some of which is excellent. Great friend of the site, known to us as Bobby, found himself on the right side of a hat-buying super-find. “Normally I wouldn’t trust a second hand hat,” he admitted in a whisper, “but this one was too good to pass up, and I gave it a bit of a scrub.” So, spill the beans, how much? “It was two quid.”

    Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  • Second hand bargain: A tweed jacket

    Make no mistake, this is excellent value


    Next time you’re sprinting past your local second hand charity shop, pull on the breaks, take a breather, and check out the clothes section. Yes, there is the distinct possibility that people died in them, but just think of those stiff, silent corpses as particularly accurate mannequins and everything will be alright. A good friend of ours, tentatively known as Alex, found a fantastic knock down bargain at his local Scope – a nice tweed jacket for a fiver. “I’m quite hard to shop for, because I’m plump but not fat,” he told us. And in his words, the coat itself is an “excellent fit.” Five pounds for a jacket – nice sticking-it-to-the-recession, Alex!

    Let us know about your bargains with a comment below…

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