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  • Slumming It: Terence Stamp

    Yeah, you heard… it’s Zod!


    Back in the olden days, if you happened to see a limousine coasting along the high street, you were perfectly entitled to think that it might be touring Laurence Olivier about town. Or perhaps Liza Minnelli was in there, drinking her usual champagne. They were different times. Now, of course, limousines are shunned by really famous people, instead set aside for gorgeous young drinkers in veils and L plates, excitedly leaning out of the window shouting sex instructions at anyone who would care to listen. Celebrities, meanwhile, have taken to walking the streets, meaning that we now have the opportunity to actually witness these people in real everyday life.

    In the last week, a contributor to the site who we only know as Mr Knowles has been on amazing star-spotting form. “I’ve seen Keira Knightley about three times recently, I think she’s following me,” he began, sharply looking around to check she wasn’t listening in, drawing on a Silk Cut Ultra, “one time, she was with some girl who had a tiny rat dog and a guy playing Jenga – I hate Jenga.”

    Mr Knowles, we all hate Jenga. It’s stupid. And he wasn’t done there, the best was yet to come. “I also saw Terence Stamp looking really pissed off.” Ahhh, Terence Stamp! We love Terence Stamp, he was General Zod!

    Hence Mr Knowles wins the latest Interestment Mix Tape, featuring a little bit of funk, and quite a lot of synths.

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  • Slumming It: Helen Adams

    You know – Helen Adams…


    With all of the reality television shows hitting screens every year, Fame Mountain has become overcrowded – so much so, that numerous celebrities have been forced to mingle in amongst the little people, with only a set of enormous sunglasses and caps pulled right down at the front marking them out as REALLY FAMOUS. We just love it when we spot these people. Absolutely love it.

    Just last week, friend of the site Spencer was enjoying a quiet drink in a lovely Bristol pub, when he was left utterly bewildered by the arrival of Helen Adams. You know – the girl who lost out to the Irish gay man on Big Brother 1962. “I couldn’t stop staring at her,” he confessed, “even the beautiful view overlooking Clifton Suspension Bridge couldn’t divert my, nor my mother’s, gaze.”

    Well done Spencer, you win the latest Interestment Mix Tape, which features excellent summer music.

  • Slumming It: David and Carrie Grant

    You know, from Fame Academy


    Thanks to reality television programmes, we now have more celebrities in our lives than ever before. Think about it – a year ago would you feel the same sexy stirrings about Susan Boyle? When he was just another angel-voiced Scottish guy trawling the pub circuit? No you wouldn’t. And would you have been strongly attracted to Angel from Big Brother? No, you’d have made unkind jokes about her looking a bit like Christian Bale in The Machinist. Yet, now, you’d crawl betwixt their silky bedsheets in a heart beat were they to lay there naked, beckoning you in. They are, after all, famous. And we love famous people.

    Talking of which, just the other day, friend of the site Emily got in touch with some excellent celebrity spots. “On the same glorious day I saw not just Fame Academy voice coaches Mr and Mrs Carrie and David Grant, but also Sir Trevor McDonald AND Vanessa Feltz sitting outside the Charlotte Street Hotel – Feltz was enjoying a white wine spritzer and some chilli nuts,” she told us, coincidentally enjoying a wine/soda combo of her own. Great spots Emily, the latest Interestment Mix Tape (featuring THIS) is yours.

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  • Slumming It: Terry Hall

    He’s the cheerful one at the front…


    On average, around a hundred new celebrities crop up each year. This year we’ve been seduced by that brain damaged man with the gold teeth from Britain’s Got Talent, that GaGa thing with the tiny outfits, and there must surely be another Geldof in the pipeline, ready to edit a magazine, or run an angular record label. There just must be. The point being that these people are fizzing and buzzing around us, and no longer even bothering to move into the secret nooks and crannies that litter Fame Mountain. We see them every day, you just need to open your eyes, and send in your spots.

    Just last week, a certain member of the Interestment flock saw both Clair Sweeney and Harry Enfield in one afternoon. What an afternoon that was. But the winner this week is Paulie, who somehow managed to see with his own eyes Miquita Oliver “she was in Tescos, she’s pretty and tall” Kevin Rowland“he lives down the road from me, I see him a lot” – and Terry Hall, who was “drinking a coffee, literally about two feet away.” Those are quite some spots.

    Hence Paulie wins an Interestment Mix Tape, featuring Prince and much more.

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  • Slumming It: Joanna Lumley

    … who once looked like this…


    Fans of celebrities will have felt a gargantuan shift in the force over the weekend, as sixteen new faces ascended from everyday society and became famous. There was hairy face, gay guy, the blonde things, posh stuff, Ivan Drago, ink eyes, titchy feet, bitch mouth, Kooks-alike, porn junkie, Sree, Johnny Rotten and Brazil. Plus a couple of others. Names that will now be forever etched in our minds, new faces that we can stop and point at when they’re just trying to buy some Tampax and get home. Plus, of course, more people readying themselves for Movida and Gaffney’s rampaging tongue. Good luck to them.

    In big celeb spotting news, just last week, proven-celebrity-spotter Matt caught sight of Trevor Cleaver from Grange Hill. “Or, at least, I think it was him,” said Matt, helpfully. “He was jogging in the park, which is exactly what Cleaver would probably do now.” Unfortunately, Matt will not be winning this week’s mix tape. And that’s because this week’s big winner is newcomer to the site Patrick, who caught an eyeful of the wonderful – and a bit political – Joanna Lumley, shopping in Sainsburys. Not Harrods. Not Waitrose. Sainsburys. “She was wearing a wax jacket an’ all,” says Patrick.

    The latest Interestment Mix Tape features Patti Smith and Brand Nubian.

  • Slumming It: The Queen

    Yes, her, the real one…


    Now that money is pretty much worthless, the class divide is dissolving quicker than a soluble aspirin in an angry ocean. Famous people no longer feel the need to live in large fortresses built into cliff faces, instead they have come down from Fame Mountain to mingle with the rest of us. These days you might see a film star stocking up on mushroom vol-au-vents in Tescos, or perhaps a member of Blur buys his johnnies from the same chemist as you? The point is that celebrities now move among us, and we like nothing more than spotting the things.

    This week, we had exactly two reality show sightings – both faces without names from Big Brother. “The one with brown hair,” said our friend David, almost completely uselessly. But these spots were totally blown out of the water by friend of the site Guy, who saw Her Majesty. Her actual Majesty. “I happened to be passing through Windsor last Friday,” he told us, earnestly, “when who should I see just three yards away, but The Queen, she was fairly incognito, and it is her back garden. She’s quite small.”

    What an amazing spot. Hence Guy wins this week’s Interestment Mix Tape, featuring Buckingham Nicks, The Beatnuts, and much much more.

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  • Slumming It: Kate Moss

    Model rubs shoulders with normals…


    Now that there are five functioning channels on the average television set, it’s easy to become famous. Chances are that you’ve either got a close friend who has enjoyed a decent level of celebrity, or you might even have enjoyed an evening of chocolates and sexual intercourse with someone who popped up on X Factor. Hence, the rich and good looking have been slowly oozing into normal society for the last decade, and nowadays many of them live their lives on our doorsteps. Some even eat the same food as us. We enjoy nothing more than spotting them.

    Just this week, friend of the site Rob enjoyed staring into the eyes of Preston – of Ordinary Boys and Chantelle Houghton fame. “I saw him in Brighton, just walking around,” says Rob. On a similar fame level, an Interestment outing was disturbed for a couple of seconds by the face of the angry bloke from This Is England. But the winner of this week’s Interestment Mix Tape – featuring Eric B and Rakim, James Brown and Television – is Matt, who spotted a skinny woman called Kate Moss smoking a cigarette outside a trendy bowling alley in London. “She was talking really really loudly,” he complained. Great spot, Matt.

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  • Slumming It: David Threlfall

    Manchester man seen in London


    Celebrities are exactly like you and me. Only much much better. They drink nicer drinks, their bodies are taut, and they are brilliant conversationalists. Seriously, try talking to one. They love it. Absolutely love it. Anyway, like amoebas with their asexual reproduction, celebrities are being churned out and multiplied on an hourly basis – so much so that some of them have deemed it perfectly acceptable to mingle with the little people. They now shop in our shops, drink in our wine bars, and some of them even live on our streets. Hence to celebrate, we encourage you to send us your spots (email us at [email protected]).

    Just this week, friend of the site Rob spotted Boris Johnson plundering through Borough Market hunting for cold meats and potato salad, and Rich saw Steven Mackintosh – who apparently played Winston in Lock, Stock and oi oi oi’m a cockerney chimnaaay sweeep! – wandering around Soho without wearing shades. An actor without shades. Ridiculous. But this week’s big winner is Olly, who was thundering through beers in London’s Phoenix Bar, when a drunk man staggered to the bar for a pint of the black stuff. “It was David Threlfall,” he told us, met with blank stares. “Frank from Shameless!” And with that, we erupted into a fit of hysterical clapping. He also saw the art world’s Reeves and Mortimer, Gilbert and George, wandering the streets of fashionable East London. We were less impressed by that.

    Well done Olly, you’ve won this week’s Interestment Mix Tape, featuring Bowie, The Pasadenas, Gregory Isaacs, Main Source, Moby Grape, and much much more… Enjoy!

  • Send us your celebrity sightings!

    Email us at [email protected]


    As of this Friday, we will be officially launching Slumming It – an area of the site that logs all of the famous people you might have wandered past during the day. They might have been sitting in a park picking at a scotch egg (pictured), or treating a bad cold in a wine bar lavatory. In fact, they might not defintely even be the celebrity at all, they might just totally look like them. Either way, we really want to hear about it, so send in your spots, and the best of the week will get an Interestment Mix Tape as a treat. This week’s features David Bowie, Fred Wesley, Main Source, and The Pasadenas. It’s a must have!

    In other news, feel free to follow us around on Tweet and The Face Man.

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