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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Stacy Lattisaw

    Stacy Lattisaw, Dynamite

    Far out, it’s Wednesday already. This week is flying by, baby. Hopefully today you’ll have arrived at work pre-prepared with some nice tight polyester numbers, and a couple of slick gold chains dripping from your wrists. It is Super Disco Wednesday after all. Above the excellent Stacy Lattisaw sings about explosives.

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  • Super Disco Wednesday: Fantasy

    Fantasy, You’re Too Late

    On Super Disco Wednesdays we like to embrace all manner of sensational dancefloor sounds, from latin grooves, to Bulgarian synthesizer funk, to Yorkshire two step, to 80s Boogie. Above is a brilliant example of the latter.

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  • Second hand bargain: A great party record

    A much-needed dancing essential


    It’s been such a cruel financial winter, cunningly disguised by what is turning out to be one heck of a sunny season. Blinded by the rays beaming down from the heavens, you probably haven’t noticed that the tramps are now wearing tatty Armani suits, and the cup for any spare change is actually a very nice hand made brief case from Milan. But the major difference is that these tramps are saving up for cocaine and cava, not your usual skag. It’s a strange time. Very strange. Which is why we go absolutely wild whenever we catch wind of a fantastic bargain. Just today, friend of the site Jo got in touch with tales of an excellent musical find. “I’ve been on the lookout for a summer soundtrack, and I think I’ve found it,” she declared, brandishing a very shiny vinyl record, “it was in a crate at my local NSPCC and I just liked the look of it.” We popped it on the Interestment turntable, and sure enough, it’s an absolute belter – perfect for outdoor Summer dancing. So come on, Jo, how much for this excellent record? “A quid”

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    Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

    Here’s the song…

  • Super Disco Wednesday: Leroy Gomez

    Leroy Gomez, Get Up Boogie

    Man, look at you – tired after crawling to work because of the tube strike, smelly because of the crawling, embarrassed because you were spotted on all fours. You’re a mess. Still, nothing a little sparkle from Leroy Gomez couldn’t sort out and rearrange – here he is telling us to pack all of our troubles into a beige filing cabinet, and just dance. Good for you, Leroy. Good for you.

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  • Happy Birthday Morrissey, here’s an ace song!

    Feel, Let’s Rock (Over and Over Again)

    Morrissey, the pop singer with the permanently arched eyebrow, turns 50 today. What an intriguing journey he’s had so far. He’s swung flowers around his head, pretended to be deaf, and he has even managed to make millions of pounds as a singer, even though it sounds like someone ripped out his voice box and replaced it with a fog horn. Good for him. Hence, we knew we had to get him a present, so we all stripped down totally naked and did some yoga on a mirrored floor, and discussed things. It boiled down to a toss up between a toy car or an excellent synthesizer track from 1982. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Morrissey!

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