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  • Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson, here’s a video about fighting!

    Dr Steve Brule, Last Resort Fighting

    Women, understandably, adore Jack Nicholson – even though he’s turning 72 today, which makes him old enough to be your cousin’s mum’s father-in-law. It’s all down to that zany haircut he’s been sporting for years, and that smile he used in The Shining to express his demise into insanity. For some reason, those things combined make even the most demure ladies go all wobbly in the knees. Hence, he’s our hero, so we simply had to buy him a gift. We headed to a local burger joint to eat their two-for-one fish burgers, and discussed things long and hard, before it boiled down to a toss up between a packet of cards with pornographic pictures on them, or a clip about fighting. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Jack!

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  • Happy Birthday Haley Joel Osment, here’s a total maniac!

    The business card is crap

    At 21 today, Haley Joel Osment can only just slug back a brewski in his home country – America. Yet the man has achieved so much. He was in The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis, playing the part of a child who could talk to old women. And since then, he’s been in some other less decent films, presumably undergone the hormonal shifts of puberty, and possibly felt a boob through a shirt. Yes, he’s had quite a life. Hence, we thought we should lavish him with a gift, so we headed to Burger King to eat five whoppers each and discuss things. It boiled down to a toss up between a great big bowl of crisps, or a funny clip of a maniac business man. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Osment!

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  • Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi, here’s the alphabet

    Patti LaBelle, Sesame Street

    Look at Jon Bon Jovi. Damn it, the man has everything – a brilliant soft rock voice, feathery hair that drives women wild, and sculpted nooks and crannies in his home where he can stash bed partners. What on earth could he want for? We argued like maniacs for an entire weekend, one half of the think tank furiously demanding that we should send him a great big sherry trifle, while the others argued the case of an alphabet lesson from Patti LaBelle. In the end, we put our swords down and decided to give him both. Happy Birthday Bon Joves!

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  • Happy Birthday Mum, here’s a maniac on a tricycle!

    Lucky Bigwheel Jump

    It’s been a tricky one today, some amazing birthdays are in the offing. Molly Ringwald (41), Matt Dillon (45), John Travolta (55), Dr Dre (44), Yoko Ono (76), and John Hughes (59). But above all of those, our mummy is celebrating today, and what can you possibly get the woman who has the lot? It boiled down to a boxset of interesting Manga films, or a video of a maniac doing an amazing trike jump. In the end we got her both! Happy Birthday Ma!

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  • Happy Birthday Stefan Edberg, here’s some excellent rap!

    Camp Lo, Luchini AKA This Is It

    Even with such a silky and young face, legendary tennis champ Stefan Edberg is turning 43 today. Wow. As ever, we argued into the night about what to buy him, and it boiled down to a postcard of Lady GaGa or a brilliant rap song from 1997. In the end, we got him both. Happy Birthday Stefan, have an ACE day!

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  • Happy Birthday Sade, here’s some classic Steve Martin

    Steve Martin, The Midnight Special

    Sade turns 49 today, and the woman has everything – her looks, a mountain fashioned from actual money, nine yachts. So what the hell to get her? It boiled down to a toss up between a subscription to FHM magazine or a clip of Steve Martin, from when he was still funny. In the end, we got her both. Happy Birthday Sade! No, YOUR love is King!

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