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  • When moustaches go RIGHT, No 7

    Chad, USA


    We’ve all been there – naked from the waste up, just a bow tie on, the wind gently lapping against your mullet. But what’s missing? Chad here finishes the jigsaw with a fine looking moustache. Beautiful.

    (Courtesy of our buddies at Sexy People)

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  • Great British Bands: Madness

    Madness, My Girl

    There is no better way to kick off a rainy morning in the middle of winter than with a bit of music from those zany gentlemen in Madness. Above is their greatest song.

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  • Great British Bands: The Pasadenas

    The Pasadenas, Tribute (Right On)

    Long before Duffy and Winehouse began looting Motown back catalogues for ideas, these guys were already at it. As pop/soul songs go, this one is an absolute belter, only slightly ruined by the band’s decision to dress up like cast members from Grease. An underrated pop group.

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  • Great British Bands: The Jam

    The Jam, Liza Radley

    Before he popped on his espadrilles and slicked back his barnet, Paul Weller was in The Jam, and they were fantastic. As, of course were The Style Council, and some of his solo stuff hasn’t been too bad either. The above track was the B-side to their Start! single, and one of our favourite Weller moments.

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  • Happy Birthday Geena Davis, here’s a love song!

    Mark Gormley, Without You

    It’s hard to know what to get Geena Davis, the actress, she seems to have had it all – a part in Fletch (best Chevy Chase film ever), gigantic teeth, a marriage to Jeff Goldblum. It boiled down to a toss up between a hamper from Greggs, or a well-intended but slightly disturbing love song. In the end, we got her both. Happy Birthday Geena! Enjoy being 53!

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  • Happy Birthday Sade, here’s some classic Steve Martin

    Steve Martin, The Midnight Special

    Sade turns 49 today, and the woman has everything – her looks, a mountain fashioned from actual money, nine yachts. So what the hell to get her? It boiled down to a toss up between a subscription to FHM magazine or a clip of Steve Martin, from when he was still funny. In the end, we got her both. Happy Birthday Sade! No, YOUR love is King!

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  • Great British Bands: Dexys Midnight Runners

    Dexys Midnight Runners, Geno

    Before he started wearing knickers and suspenders, Kevin Rowland was only slightly weird. His band was, at times, brilliant – especially above, in 1980.

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  • Great British Bands: Public Image Ltd

    Public Image Ltd, Poptones

    After scaring the nation with the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten mellowed out a bit and formed PiL. We were, however, still frightened. But in a good way.

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  • Second hand bargain: Less than Zero

    Cheap as a small bag o’ pennies


    These testing financial times will soon find successful business men snacking from bins, young go-getters matching together ill fitting suits, and buses running on recycled petrol, slurped up from cracks in the tarmac. Hence, bargains have never come at a greater cost, and second hand shops have replaced Harrods as the department stores to be seen at. We thought it high time to celebrate the knock down steals you can find in these places. Today, a book.

    Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis was under a quid, and it’s brilliant.

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  • Robbed at The Oscars: Glenn Close

    Academy, why do you ignore this woman (right)?


    Never the most beautiful face in the crowd, Glenn Close is a big movie star because she’s excellent at acting. It may have helped that her bulbous blonde hair was perfectly feathery and moist for the 1980s crowd, but under the mane beat the heart of a true thespian. An Oscar worthy actress. And yet, she has never been rewarded for her fantastic work, even though Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman have – and both of those women are horrible actresses, by the way.

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    Her first three big Hollywood films – The World According to Garp (Robin Williams hilarity), The Big Chill (middle class summer festival), and The Natural (baseball mayhem with Roberts Duvall and Redford) – all garnered her a Best Supporting Actress nomination (in 1982, 1983, 1984). And for two consecutive years – 1987 and 1988 – she was up for Best Actress, first time around for her tour de force in Fatal Attraction, then as some kind of aristocratic bitch in Dangerous Liaisons. Amongst those who have stolen her crown are Linda Hunt and Cher. That’s right – Cher.

    See Cher stealing more of Glenn Close’s thunder after the jump…

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  • The futuristic sounds of the 80s

    Cyber People, Void Vision

    The 1980s were terrific for two reasons. 1. Howard’s Way. And 2. Songs like this, which sounded so futuristic that even normal household robots like hoovers and washing machines would start dancing around the lounge. Fantastico.

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  • Great British Bands: The Rah Band

    The Rah Band, Clouds Across the Moon

    Oh yeah, we’re all superconfident and hip now, with our drainpipes and trendy mixed length haircuts. But might there come a day when that looks outdated? A hunch suggests “yes”. In this hark back to the 1980s, the video looks absurd, and yet the sounds are still marvelous. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Or, it would be if you were the kind of person who was interested in juxtapositions. Which you’re probably not.

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    No one is.

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