Interestment’s 100 Funniest Famous People of All Time, Part Number Four (final part)

You’ve seen all the other parts of this series, the first 75 (in no particular order), now have a shower, brush your teeth, trim your pubes down to practically nothing, and enjoy the final 25 on the list.

Nate Bargatze – word on the street is this guy’s been secretly writing jokes for your fave acts for bloody donkey’s years and you didn’t even know it. The ones he does himself are also terrific.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge sister of Rick, mother of Wayne. Not really. Posher than a dusty leather-bound book about sock stockings, she could be a genius.

Robin Williams – the great tragic clown of our time, it’s difficult to translate just how amazing Good Morning Vietnam Robin Williams was. Cocaine may have played a small part early on.

Rachel Bloom – single-handedly made musical theatre entertaining again, in a way it hadn’t been since Grease 1, Grease 2, Grease 3, or the ill-fated Grease 4: Gettin Greasier (RIP).

James Acaster – we don’t say this lightly, the funniest UK comic currently working, and that includes all the Stuarts and Russells, and ladies and everything.

Pete Holmes – tall, smiley and likeable, which makes him the Lofty from Eastenders of modern American comedy.

Goldie Hawn – back in the olden days (or should that be the GOLDEN days) if you said the name Goldie, this wasn’t a drum’n’bass or Welsh rap situation, it was all about The Hawn.

Simon Pegg – now some sort of John the Baptist sent to convince the world that his weird friend Tom Cruise is actually really cool if you get to know him. Less of him, please. More Spaced Pegg.

Jane Krakowski – the best thing in 30 Rock, which is saying a lot. Also, don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to say exactly the same thing about Alec Baldwin in a minute. So at least one of us appears to be lying here.

John Ratzenberger – watch Cheers now and it’s still a work of sitcom genius, and ole Ratzenberger here plays an absolute blinder as a weird postman.

Joanna Lumley – once in a lifetime a character will come along so powerful that the person playing them becomes them. That person is Joanna Lumley, that character is also Joanna Lumley.

Doug Stanhope – pound for pound, he might be the best stand-up comic in the world – no, we’re not entirely sure what “pound for pound” means in this context either.

Amy Poehler – the blonde one to Tina Fey’s brunette one in comedy’s greatest inadvertent Abba tribute act.

Andy Kaufman – an acquired taste who seemed to frequently cross the line between absurdist and wally, but for Mighty Mouse and numerous other things he’s in the top 100.

Fry and Laurie – from a time when joining the Cambridge Footlights was like swerving onto an endless stretch of green lights.

Bill Murray – lore has it that he deliberately underacted in Ghostbusters because he wasn’t that keen on it. Thus, creating what we now know as “Bill Murray” by accident.

Will Ferrell – responsible for a whole generation that thinks just quoting him in Anchorman makes them funny. That’s not his fault. He is funny.

Bill Burr – consistently angry, but also consistently funny, and also often right about the thing he’s being funny and angry about. So, you know, clever.

Alec Baldwin – the best thing about 30 Rock. Hang on, who’s getting Déjà vu here?

Tim and Eric – surreal comedy guys from that ole America over there. Those vodka adverts are funny as F (ie. as fuck).

Monty Python – contractually you can’t have a list of funny fuckers without putting the Monty Python men in there. It’s EU regulation.

Now who did we miss?

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