Interestment’s 100 Funniest Famous People of All Time, Part Number Three

You’ve guffawed at Part One, Part Two was so funny you shat yourself. Now grab a diaper because we’re going in again…

Les Dawson – all “my mother in law” this, “her indoors” that. Yet no one has been funnier at pretending to be a lady. Is that ironic? Someone get Alanis Morissette on the phone!

Julia Davis – master (or mistress?) in the dark arts of twisted comedy, weird suburban bonking, and people with unusual hair styles

Kathleen Turner – one of the frankest talkers in Hollywood, also disturbingly lacking in vanity when she signed up to play a Chandler’s dad in Friends

Woody Allen – in terms of comedic impact few have done more than Woody Allen, in terms of cultural impact you’d possibly say the same but for creepier reasons

Conan O’Brien – another one of those funny US talk show hosts, and also owner of a reassuringly odd brain. Which is fitting because his surname is an anagram of Odd Brain.

Flight of the Concords – normally when a comedy act turns up with musical instruments it’s time to reach for the throwing veg and start chucking wildly. Not with these cats (meaning men)

Chris Rock – completely nailed the art of marching up and down telling jokes. It’s called multi-tasking, baby, look it up in your (wo)manual

Reeves and Mortimer – some say it’s just Morecambe and Wise in a different hat, but actually it’s more like Morecambe and Morecambe which makes it funnier

Ted Danson – tiptoed the deft line between straight man and idiot in Cheers, also the best in the trio of cockswingers in Three Men and a Baby

The Beastie Boys – even as adults (Beastie Men?) you can see interviewers twitching nervously, like rabbit’s noses, when it looks like they might be up to their old tricks again. Being all naughty, like naughty little scamps

Louis Theroux – no one is better at asking intrusive questions as if they’re innocent thoughts that have just popped into his head. The minx. In terms of timing, a genius

Teri Garr – if you’re going to talk charismatic talk show guests (which, BTW, you are), ole lady Garr-Garr is up there with the best of them. What’s that, did you just call her the perfect wife? I mean, seems a little backward in the current climate, but okay let’s go with it

Rik Mayall – the best thing about the Comic Strip in the 1980s, also the best thing about hitting someone repeatedly in the face with a frying pan. Also Flashheart

Steve Carrell – can now be found slowly removing the clown make-up and pushing the serious actor envelope, but as Michael Scott in the US version of The Office, the best

Kathy Burke – if iconical is a word, which according to spellcheck it definitely isn’t, then Kathy Burke is iconical. Which she can’t be because it’s not a word

Seth Rogen – sits alongside his royal funniness Eddie Murphy as a famous man with a very weird distinctive laugh

John Early – funnier than a sneezing horse

Larry David – has made a career out of questioning the requisite terms for everything imaginable

Reggie Watts – a prop comic, but only in the sense that his brain and voice are his props. But then we’re all prop comics, aren’t we, at some level? When you really think about it?

Chris O’Dowd – ah the ole Oirish charmer, being all sexy and loveable. Wogan had it in spades, now that Chris O’Dowd’s got it

BJ Novak – we’ve checked and apparently his full name isn’t Blow Job Novak which seems like a real missed opportunity from his parents. Bad actor, good stand up, excellent writer

Tracy Morgan – the best comedians, ask anyone, are the ones who look like they don’t know what they’re going to say next

Michael Cera – no one plays nervous uncertainty better. In actorly terms, he’s the new Woody Allen. But only in actorly terms, not in any other terms. Like, to spell it out here, writing amazing jokes terms or being accused of child molesting ones

Kenneth Williams – the great raconteur, diarist, diarrhoearist, Carry On legend. Like all the funniest people, his life away from the camera was blighted by crackling thunderclouds

Harry Enfield – the great comedy mastermind of the late 20th Century, he had it all. Jokes, a props department, hundreds of people working on a TV show named after him

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