Interestment’s 100 Funniest Famous People of ALL TIME, PART NUMBER TWO

You’ve had PART NUMBER ONE, now guess what part it’s time for. Here’s the next 25, in literally no order…

Steve Martin – made it all the way to the top despite suffering horrendous panic attacks. Also wrote the best comedy memoir ever written by a human man

Don Rickles – The insult comic’s insult comic, from a time when casual racism was still considered very sophisticated and hilarious

George Carlin – a pioneer of modern stand up, a talker more than a clown, he’d be in his element at the moment what with the political winds howling all over the faackin shop

Gene Wilder – a barnet like crazy Bob Dylan, and the best Willy Wonka of all time, despite Roald Dahl being all “err, no don’t think so” about his performance

Cheech and Chong – two stoners go around smoking lots and lots of weed, there’s nothing about this premise that isn’t immediately hilarious. In real life, Tommy Chong couldn’t tell where he stopped and art began

Alan Alda – he’s been in all the good stuff, but everyone loves him as Hawkeye in M*A*S*H – not to be muddled with Hawkeye in The Avengers. Two v different prospects

Stewart Lee – the master of the repeated punchline, which loops round from FUNNY back to FUNNY via UM, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? Classic comedy by attrition

Lena Dunham – like a cat in a spinny chair, the world has turned on her, yet she wrote truly one of the best, most groundbreaking sitcoms of recent years

John Candy – the only thing plus size about this guy were the big laughs (and also the XL trousers and tops)

Dick Cavett – the sharpest, cleverest interviewer of all time, and that includes all of them, even the obscure Prussian ones you’re now thinking of to embarrass us with

Roger Moore – all it took was an arched eyebrow and a magic dress-unzipping magnet for 007 to finally stop being boring old Sean “the name’s Bo… OH SHUT UP SEAN, WE KNOW WHAT YOUR NAME IS!” Connery and to become Roger “smoother than an otter’s penis” Moore

Carrie Fisher – like all of the funniest people, Carrie liked to spend her downtime ingesting narcotics through her lovely Princess Leia nose, which sadly proved her undoing

Marilyn Monroe – the subject of Elton John’s extended metaphor about candles, she was more than a tragic sweetheart, she had comedy chops bigger than her ample hooters

Mickey Dolenz – the funniest member of The Monkees, which is genuinely saying something. RIP Peter, RIP Davy. Here’s their best song…

David O’Doherty – if you want to see a man with a small synthesiser being very funny, this is that man. And he’s holding that synthesiser

Shelley Long – like a guy with a briefcase slipping over in freshly shat dog muck, Cheers was consistently funny, but that Shelley Long, she was the real deal. The big kahuna

Ronnie Corbett – the pioneer of the now-tropish comedy trope of a small adult sitting in a comfy chair telling long, charming stories. Literally never gets old (okay sometimes it gets old)

French and Saunders – of all the alternative UK comedy acts that shouted down the 80s, Dawn and Jennifer (to their friends) have been the most enduring, and sexy. Enjoy this musical homage

Key and Peele – the Peele part of this equation is now a hotshot movie director (pronounced “dee-reck-tour”) but before that he was being funny as fuck with his pal Key. Peele is also married to comedy royalty, but who gives a shit, not about that is it?

Brody Stevens – recently offed himself from this cumbersome coil, but not before leaving behind a whopper of a comedic legacy. RIP, a very funny unique guy and a sad loss

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson – otherwise known as Broad City, they’re the future of everything. Started as a web series, featured an ep that was basically an app. WTF guys!

Sid James – the precise opposite of Broad City, Sid’s old school. Bit pervy, gets hot under the collar looking at Babs Windsor, punches his fist into his forearm and shouts PHWOAR at schoolgirls. You know, funny

Groucho Marx – the ultimate wise cracker, you probably had to be there, but if you had been there you’d be doubled over with wee-wee literally lashing out of your man-willy probably

Chelsea Peretti – comedic “roasting” is a thing in America where people shit relentlessly on things for laughs, and Chelsea is very good at it. Very very good. Gooder than most, hilarious in fact. Also married to comedy royalty, but who gives a shit, not about that is it?

Richard Pryor – the godfather of confessional comedy, before Richard Pryor came along comedians hid their personalities behind silly red noses and enormous yellow shoes

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