Interestment’s FAVE Youtube VIDS of 2017

Including something from this guy

Okay, so these might not all be from this year. In fact some of them are pretty old. Point being that there’s LOADS of stuff scattered all around Youtube, and sometimes it takes you a while to get to it, that’s all. So anyway, so far this year, the Interestment team (of one) has mainly been dining out on this kind of cool shit…

Kate Berlant and John Early – officially the two funniest people of 2017

John Early Again – just to really hammer that point home

Childish Gambino’s version of I’m So Into You – both my wife and I have admitted that we could probably have an affair with him

Norm Macdonald 1991 HBO Stand Up Special – old stand up from probably the actual funniest man in the world

Amerie, Why Don’t We Fall in Love – the early 2000s singer who could have been Beyonce before Beyonce became Beyonce

The Whispers, Rock Steady – the most 1980s thing you will ever see in your whole life

Jimmy Kimmel talking about his son – which makes me cry every time I watch it. But then, I am a gargantuan pussy

Blood Sisters, Don’t Say Goodbye too Loud – greatest song discovery of 2017

DJ Jazzy Jay Crate Diggers – a wicked insight into true music nerdery are into

Roy Ayers on Soul Train – great song, great guy etc etc

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