Five Ways to Avoid Package Holiday Peril

Courtesy of a lady called Stephanie

I was contacted last week and asked if I’d like to feature some funny flight cards by an artist called Electric Puppet about the Perils of Package Holidays, and after seeing them I said GO ON THEN! They’re funny, they focus on the crippling truth that while we’d all like to float lazily down the Nile each summer, or go cruising down Highway 1 in a Mustang, most of us have got sod all money, we just want some sun, so there’s a good chance we’ll have to share the beaches with a load of people with leg tatts all jostling for a good spot.

Here they are in all their glory, learn how to avoid the pressures that await you. You can also enjoy these pics on the Neilson’s Holidays website…


SURVIVAL All you can eat




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