Second Hand Bargain: A Magnificent Cookbook

This is the guy…

Classic Italian Cookbook

A few years ago we were in the grips of a terrifying financial meltdown, it was utter chaos. People lost their jobs, some jumped off rooftops (and onto giant mattresses FOR FUN!), for the first time ever bankers were forced to go to work without a briefcase full of sex toys and cocaine to see them through the day. Depressing barely covers it, the nation was in a state of shocked grief and mourning. The dizzy heights of yesteryear obliterated like mountains crumbling into the sea, we were left humiliated, surrounded by pointless overspending and dreams of a better life that involved having one house to live in during the week and four others to randomly holiday in or just leave empty. It was a weird time for everyone, we were all forced to drink a reality cocktail, the overspending had become ridiculous. Interestment embarked on a crusade to celebrate second-hand possessions, the treats and trinkets and needles in haystacks you could find at local charity shops. That quest has morphed into a way of life, and now you can barely move in these used-goods stores for former business execs blowing the dust off a pair of old slacks, or flicking through a big encyclopedia going for two quid. In fact, just this Christmas a very high ranking member of the Interestment team bought his wife a seasonal treat from a local SAVE THE WHALES. “I was perusing the book shelf,” he tells us, using the word ‘perusing’ instead of ‘looking through’ for some daft reason, “and I saw The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan, which I know for a FACT is one of the greatest cookbooks ever written!” It certainly looks nice, with recipes for things like pasta, and bits of an ox. So come on then, how much for this amazing bible of recipes? “Three quid!”

Amazing sticking it to the recession! If there is one! Which there probably is!

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