Interestment’s Top 10: YOUTUBE VIDEOS

Ah good old Youtube, with its aerobics


It’s funny to think that there was once a world without Youtube. A world where people had to describe funny things they’d seen in incredible detail, and never without that steadily rising panic about the punchline being met with a cold, unflinching silence. But now we have Youtube, thank fuck! And here are the ten best videos according to Interestment…

The one with the TERRIFYING job!

Feeling a bit stressed out and unhappy because someone at work seemed a bit off with you? Oh shut the fuck up! This guy climbs up rickety poles in the pouring rain!

The MasterChef Spoof!

For a period of time a year or so ago, this was regulation viewing at least eight or nine times a day.

This amazing Aerobics video from the 80s!

Friend of the site Cath alerted Interestment to this video, and it’s surely one of the greatest TV moments of the last three thousand years.

The Whispers – Keep on Lovin Me

It’s impossible to say what the greatest music video of all time is, but this is a contender. See 1 minute 53 seconds when they wander past a puddle as if it’s not even there. That’s professionalism.

The most moving scene from any movie ever!

Okay, you might need to sound an IRONY KLAXON for this one, but bathe in the wonderfulness of it all. This guy makes Sly Stallone look like Gielgud.

The Clark Sisters!

The Youtube is awash with great live performances, but none of them can quite match this small group of rotund beauties in nighties singing to Jesus.

Shadow Pico!

You’ll find vids galore where internet ninjas have indulged in comedy manipulation, but this is the best. Possibly. For now anyway.

This Soul Train line!

In some ways Youtube is a bit like a time machine, and in other ways it isn’t at all. This video represents one of the ways in which it is.

Oldie Time Skateboarders!

It’s nice to occasionally enjoy hypnotic scenes of young daredevils from a bygone era when kids really had to make their own fun. We watch this one to reach a transcendental state of contentment.

And finally… Raquel Welch!

What a gal.


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