Oh shit, I’m obsessed by vintage french classroom posters

Comme this… Le Horse

French poster horse

Life is peppered with moments where we’re forced to stop for a minute and take stock. To step outside ourselves and have a think about how things have gone, how things are going, and what direction things are heading in. One of these moments happened to me literally an hour ago, when I found myself searching frantically on the internet for vintage educational French posters, and thinking to myself how wonderfully they’d go with my life in general. They’d suit my living room and my cups of decaff tea and they’d go wonderfully well with me sitting in my kitchen on Friday nights drinking Newcastle Brown Ale and listening to records. It was at that point that I realised a seismic shift had occurred, I now have some kind of LIFESTYLE. I read HOME sections of magazines, I’m gross and pretentious and I’ve even walked in on myself listening to an Elvis Costello LP a couple of times. I genuinely don’t know what’s wrong with me. Anyway, fuck my perpetual whinging, let’s all admit that we’re thinning slightly on top and enjoy these cool pictures, some of which you can buy here if you want….

Les Flowers

French poster flowers

Le Dog

French poster DOG

Le Cooking

FRENCH Cooking

Le Face

French poster MUSCLES

Les Insects

French Insects

Le Buttercup

French poster buttercups

Les Teeth

French poster TEETH

Les Vegetables

French poster Vegetables

Le Heating Systems

French heating


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