Holy Mackerel! This is the 1500th Interestment post! WHAAAAT??


high five

It just struck me as I was dicking around on the Interestment site that this post is now officially the 1500th to feature. That is a shitload, veering from expertly written (by other people) think pieces, fascinating lists, album covers analysed ridiculously, tasty recipes, long-winded descriptions of TV shows, valuable input from various Interestment Family Members, and a few embarrassing ones from the early days when I used italics pretty much all the time for no good reason and would often describe things as being “rather” something. I don’t know what was wrong with me. Anyway so far it’s been a wild ride and one that I hope will continue for another 1500 posts and more. If you enjoy the site, thanks for enjoying it, I hope you continue to enjoy it, let’s all have a great time and spread the word (or not, it’s your life, we could just keep this between us)…

Take it away Jimi Hendrix singing a birthday song (because it is kind of a birthday)…


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