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Features some big names from times of yore…

Global Music Unites

I don’t tend to do album reviews on this site for the simple reason that I’m absolutely awful at them. I love music, I’ve collected music for most of my life, but if put on the spot and asked to describe it, I kind of fall apart. I either start saying incredibly pretentious things that don’t really make sense, or I just adopt a soft Sheffield accent and start talking about Roxy Music because that’s what people do on 6 Music and it seems to work for them.

Anyway, no change here because I’m not going to review this album, I’m just going to mention it and you can make your own mind up. I’m going to grease the hinges to the door and you can open it yourself. I’m your enabler, a kind of John the Baptist. I’m starting to ramble now (see? This is what happens). So the album’s called Global Music Unites, it features lots of popular soul artists of yore like Leee John, Sounds of Blackness, and old pal of the site Rich Beggar – and all of the profits go to various charities, so you can funk out in your kitchen in a glow of self-satisfaction and a fug of good will to all men.

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