The Amazing Music and, um, interesting Videos of Robbie M

A hidden soul music treasure

Robbie M

There’s an entire section of my heart reserved for 80s soul and boogie records, so when my pals Kieran and Nick Mids both alerted me in the same week to some dude called Robbie M who’s still peddling that stuff many years on I had to check it out. What I’ve found is a befuddlement to the senses with my ears feeling alive and excited by these genuinely wicked tunes while my eyes are out on storks wondering what they were passing around in the video meetings. Look out for the twist in I Wanna Be With You Tonight, it’s up there with The Sixth Sense…

Robbie M, Thanks for The Love

Robbie M, I Wanna Be With You Tonight

Robbie M, Tearin Me Up

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