Second Hand Bargain: A Lovely Picture

With a frame and everything


Words like RECESSION and CREDIT CRUNCH might feel like distant echoes but that doesn’t mean that we’re not all financially crippled and fearful about the future of our wallets. Look at supermarkets, those places used to be a hive of human interaction, now they’re run by robots who make you check out your own shopping which is a royal pain in the nuts. Fast forward a decade or so and clothes shops will be the same, so will book shops, banks, pet shops, gadget places, chemists, bakeries, you name it. Run by these androids, coming here from outer space and nicking all our jobs. Anyway I’m not sure where I’m going except to say that money’s tight, job security no longer exists, and charity shops have long-become my department store – the place where I get my clothes, my trinkets, some of my music, movies, decorations for my home. They’re great, and human, and cheap. So it’s time to start celebrating them again as Interestment did wholeheartedly during the recession, so please feel free to share tales of your wonderful bargains either in the comments section or by getting in touch.

Not wanting to brag or anything but I recently stumbled across a nice David Hockney poster while enjoying one of my regular afternoon mooches around a Save the Children or Feed the Needy – I can’t remember which – and it was in a frame but covered in dust. It looked like a shoddy old mess, but doused in a cascade of Mr Sheen doubled with a bit of elbow grease it now bellows HELLO VISITOR to anyone who comes to my flat. It’s right there, first thing after the front door. As you can see it’s some kind of weird self-portrait that represents a man with greying hair and groovy spectacles at a table doing some of his doodles. I’m no art critic. It cost me all of a tenner.

That’s amazing sticking-it-to-the-man!

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