Important winter fashion information ALERT!

Find out how to warm yourself appropriately this year…


Back in yonder olden days the very minute the nights drew in and the frost appeared everyone would bury themselves beneath various wools and furs making it impossible to tell man from woman, teenager from geriatric, and in some cases even earthling from beast. It was all about survival which dates back to caveman times when hibernation was still both trendy and essential, unlike nowadays where mating seasons stretch on for years and we can even dare to look hot and sexual while the temperatures plummet.

The good news is that Family Member Hannah B has been in touch with some excellent advice about how we should be arranging our feathers this winter. There is no bad news.

“Just wear your normal clothes but spruce them up with a chunky scarf or hat from somewhere like Sibling – they’ve got some great ideas, but you might have to tame them down a bit to suit your own style,” she explained. “Oh and invest in some lightweight luxury thermals from Hanro, such as their gorgeous woolen silks – it’s expensive but not as expensive as an entirely new wardrobe.”

She makes a good point.

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