I wrote a book called SPORNO! you should BUY IT!

That’s me there laughing at it…

Bit worried because you don’t know what to buy your friends and relatives and colleagues this Christmas or for their birthday or whatever?  Well WORRY NO MORE EVERYONE, because here’s a simple solution – buy all of them my book, it’s called Sporno!, it’s hilarious, and it will appeal to absolutely everyone you’ve ever encountered in your entire life. Nuns love it, shopkeepers think it’s great, lawyers find it completely hysterical.

It looks amazing on coffee tables, in downstairs toilets, in upstairs toilets, on trains, on bookshelves, on bedside tables, in CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS. Anywhere you can think of, it looks great there. Really lovely.

You’ve probably just shouted BUT JOSH WHAT IS IT? Good question. It’s a collection of over one hundred rib-tickling colour photographs in spectacular 2-D capturing the most unwittingly “sexy” moments in sport, from Gary Neville kissing Paul Scholes tenderly on the mouth, to beach volleyball stars passionately rolling around in the sand like they’re having sex with each other. In one pic Wayne Rooners looks like he’s having a wazza of his own.

It’s a book that celebrates those priceless moments when sport and porn come together. It’s basically a must-have for sports fans. And everyone else.

Order it here.

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