100 Greatest Soul Funk and Boogie Tunes EVER (according to me) PART TWO

Check it out, I’m LOOKING at RECORDS

So you’ve already had the first 25, now it’s time for the second 25 then eventually there will be a third, then a fourth. That makes 100. Pheweee!

26. Otis Redding, Wonderful World

I was a bit of a late-comer to 1960s soul having grown up on a strict diet of the 1970s and 80s stuff, but I love this. The best version of a much-loved classic.

27. Bobby Cash Redd, Skate Party People

The best rollerskating song ever made, and that’s really saying something. The bassline on this is scary.

28. Ike and Tina Turner, Workin Together

If ever I’m feeling emotional about the state of the world I turn to this and let Tina Turner speak some sense. Soul with heart.

29. Loose Joints, Is it all over My Face

One of the sleaziest dancefloor tracks ever made, if this came on while I was throwing shapes things would probably turn a bit awkward and pelvic thrusty.

30. Timeless Legend, Baby Don’t Do This To Me

Ahh I LOVE THIS. Another soulful plea, but this time with some amazing keyboards taking it to Warp Factor 12 on the Groove-o-Meter.

31. The Natural Four, Heaven Right Here on Earth

As vocal groups go, they don’t come much better. Lay this one on your woman or man, pour them a glass of Prosecco and then let the grossness unfold naturally.

32. Herb Alpert, Rotation

The master of Easy Listening turns the world upside down with this futuristic jazz-funk classic. One of my favourites ever.

33. Mystique, Fill You Up

This song taught me a valuable life lesson about not being with the wrong person, it’s also about as easy to track down as a talking crow.

34. The Fun Company, Zambezi

Hard funk at it’s finest, the mood needs to be right for this one. You need to be deep underground, the room needs to be full, there should be a whiskey mist fogging everyone’s minds. And press play.

35. Rene and Angela, I Love You More

One of the greatest boogie tunes of them all, my iPod has never shuffled to this and found me disappointed. Crank it up.

36. Gwen McCrae, I Can Only Think Of You

Alongside 90% of Me Is You this is Gwen McCrae at her best – singing heartfelt laments to a lover she can’t get out of her head. And what a voice!

37. The Commodores, Zoom

Lionel Richie’s finest hour by a country mile. Also one of the best songs to wake up to in the morning.

38. The Crusaders, Keep That Same Old Feeling

I adore The Crusaders and this is my favourite track they ever did.

39. Brooklyn People, Peace and Love

This has got everything, drums, funky guitars, people singing about peace and love. Music doesn’t get better.

40. Vicky D, The Beat is Mine

Another synth classic, I originally bought this record because it had the word SAM on the sleeve and I’ve got a friend called Sam. I then listened to it and went wild with joy.

41. The Mohawks, Pepsi

It was a toss up between this and The Champ by the same group, this made it by a whisker. A brilliant funk track.

42. Patti Jo, Make Me Believe in You

If I was doing a Top 10 this would be in it, quite simply one of the best things that has ever happened to my ears and an almighty gauntlet thrown down to men all over the world.

43. The Chants, I’ve Been Trying

This was the opening track on the first soul compilation I ever bought. What an introduction into the world.

44. Phil Upchurch, Crosstown Traffic

It’s pretty much impossible to better a Hendrix track, but Upchurch may have just done it here as he takes an all time classic rips its top off and hurls it onto the dancefloor.

45. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, How Long Do I Have To Wait

I love Sharon Jones and her retro soul show and this is my favourite song she’s made. I saw these guys in Bristol nearly ten years ago and it was by far the best gig I’ve ever seen.

46. Krystal Davis, So Smooth

More great synthesizers, this song is simply saying to you “hey man/woman, you’re hot, let me dance for you and then later we’ll probably have sex”. It’s a simple but effective message.

47. Luther Vandross, I Really Didn’t Mean It

Luther’s great and I was torn as to which track to go for – Never Too Much obviously came very close – but this is one of my guiltiest pleasures so I thought fuck it, I’ll get it in there.

48. Cymande, Bra

If I was forced to play just one track outdoors on a hot afternoon in the park this would almost definitely be it. Funky, danceable and euphoric. And nice with a glass of brewski too.

49. Omar, There’s Nothing Like This

Possibly the greatest UK soul artist of all time and almost criminally underrated. This is one of his first and finest.

50. Larry Young’s Fuel, Turn off the Lights

Hard funk, extremely loud keyboards, another that would possibly creep into a top 10.

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