SOME OF the best movies ever according to my friend Simon

Including this poor bastard

Despite the way it seems – me with the whole vinyl records, cord trousers and beard thing happening – my taste in stuff isn’t always impeccable. I genuinely like some shit I’d never tell you about. I series-linked the hen night dating show Take Me Out. I also downloaded Justin Timberlake’s latest hit, but I’m taking that nugget of information to the grave. So when I published a list of my favourite films last week (PART ONE and PART TWO) it wasn’t long before a friend with a good eye and a sharp mind called me out, booming “JOSH THESE ARE ABSURD CHOICES!”. He was probably right. I knew it. You knew it. He knew it. And in an act of selfless charity, friend of the site Simon has earmarked his own heaped tablespoonful of movies that will all improve your lives dramatically for at least a couple of hours, but possibly for an entire lifetime. Here they are, with Simon’s descriptions…

Ne le dis à personne (2006)
Fantastic french thriller

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)
Film noir-ish character study

Cool Hand Luke (1967)
Effortless Paul Newman classic

La Haine (1995)
Gritty suburban Paris

Chinatown (1974)
Jack Nicholson at his best

Little White Lies (2010)
Moving French ensemble piece

The Orphanage (2007)
Chilling Spanish horror

Lawless (2012)
Nick Cave written western

The Secret in their Eyes (2009)
Spanish thriller

The Lives of Others (2006)
German cold war story. Fantastic film.

The Intouchables (2011)
Moving French comedy.

Cache (2005)
French thriller

Moon (2009)
Atmospheric psychological thriller. Good if you like The Thing.

Synecdoche, New York (2008)
A Charlie Kaufman mindbender

Fish Tank (2009)
Gritty teen Brit flick

Down Terrace (2009)
Low rent Brit gangsters

3 Responses to SOME OF the best movies ever according to my friend Simon

  1. Daniel G says:

    Just read these three lists and while I agree with many here is a few I reckon you’ve overlooked along with my argument for each

    Marathon Man – Although perhaps not the most potent this for me is the best ever thriller. Lawrence Olivier, Dustin Hoffman & the coolest man to ever live Roy Scheider.
    Excalibur – Eerie visceral metal clanging saga with bad accents and a young naked Helen Mirren (just 40 years off her prime).
    Broadway Danny Rose – Woody Allen caper with a big heart.
    Krotki Film O Milosci – I first watched this as a teenage boy at 3am on a school night and it was bed itchingly brilliant.
    A Matter of Life and Death – Forget The Wizard of Oz this beautifully crafted film is the father of dreamy.
    Camelot – Before I developed a gag reflex I liked a good musical, whether it be Fiddler on the Roof, Yentl, The King & I, My Fair Lady, or Gigi, but none had the chivalrous dancing eyebrows of Richard Harris.
    Amadeus – Out-pomps all those countless British forays into the historical drama genre.
    37.2 Le Matin – I have an obsessive routine of grounding myself with a weekly dose of french cinema and despite all those seductive wee hours this remains the one. No other film quite portrays the frailty of rational thought when confronted by the shoulder and hip of a passionate affair, which sadly remains my relationship blueprint.

    Also surely Bertolucci, Lean, Tarr, Kubrik, Kitano, Kar Wai Wong, Kiarostami, or Kurosawa should earn a slot in a top 50 amongst them

  2. josh says:

    Magnificent stuff Dan, and top choices from Simon too! Put everything together and there’s quite a compilation growing here…

  3. LEO says:

    I don’t know who this SImon douchebag is but I could do a better list than this……..I love LeBeouf as much as the next guy, but hello? HELLO SIMON? HELLO? One of the best films ever?

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