The THREE best things on the Internet this week

Great pal Matt stumbled across this…

Once again it’s been an absolute corker of a week for the internet. It started with the first Pope since medieval times handing his notice in on various newsie websites, and since then you’ve had funny photoshopped pictures of stuff, doctored videos made to be hilarious, and all kinds of weird and wonderful shit that makes the world we live in so rich and spectacular. If I wasn’t so astute, I’d think the internet was my friend. But I know the truth – one day it’s going to turn on all of us, take our jobs and our women/men and probably blow everything up. Before that though, let’s celebrate all that’s been great and good this week. Specifically the above picture, a cool Nancy Sinatra video, and my current favourite comedian telling some rib-ticklers. Thanks internet. For now.

Nancy Sinatra, ladies and gentlemen!

Hannibal Buress, everyone!

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