Interestment’s Top NINE: Movie Smokers

Including this stunner

Great friend of the site Handsome Daf brilliantly suggested that we should have a look at some of cinema’s greatest ever cigarette smokers, and thanks to that, here some of them are. The list would have been bigger but for Youtube only having what other people have tirelessly uploaded, and not necessarily our precise dream selection. That fact combined with a serious bout of laziness means no Martin Sheen chuffing away on the boat in Apocalypse Now, no Tom Berenger in Platoon taking short inhales before exhaling preposterous fogs all over the left hand side of Vietnam. No Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart smoking with one hand and mutilating some poor old dude with the other. We did find this little lot though… WARNING: it may make you want to dash outside and to rifle through bins looking for stubs.

Sean Connery as Bond James Bond

Salma Hayek sexing up a cig then jabbing it into Antonio Banderas

Lauren Bacall being one sultry nicotine freak

Dennis Hopper enjoys the world’s crackliest cigarette

Kathleen Turner impresses some beatnik with her smoking skills

De Niro sucks on a smokey treat like a man attempting to remove a melon from a drainpipe

The Eva Mendes

Little Danny Devito takes a massive inhale on a well-earned treat

About two minutes in The Oracle gets an awkward visit from some septuplets

Any more for any more?

One Response to Interestment’s Top NINE: Movie Smokers

  1. Pete says:

    Jim Jarmusch could also have made the list

    Good luck not smoking mate

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