RIP Davy Jones, here’s Davy Jones!

A wonderful Monkee

One of my abiding memories growing up was tuning in to watch what I thought was going to be Monkey Magic on TV only to find some show called The Monkees instead. I was about five or six years old, and this kind of shit made me furious. I was in the mood for mythical Kung Fu, not four hippies dicking around in tarzan outfits and on little bikes. I was livid. Absolutely livid. For about eight or nine seconds. And then I realised that I was probably watching the greatest TV show of all time. It was funny, it was stupid, the music was brilliant. I liked Davy best, because he got the girls. I liked girls. As time went on, my allegiances changed – Peter was my number one for a while, I liked how very droll Mike could be, and one of my all time heroes has to be Micky Dolenz. In the thirty years since first watching the show, I have never once forgotten my love of The Monkees, to the point where as recently as two weeks ago I was absolutely over the moon when I stumbled across a second hand copy of their bonkers 1968 album Head on vinyl – I’d been after it for ages. Hence, I’m sad to see that little Davy has died. Underrated band, great TV show, lovely chaps, an enormous part of my childhood and beyond. That’s not a bad life. RIP Davy Jones, enjoy stealing everyone elses’ girls during the great Spin the Bottle game in the sky. Here’s one of your best moments…

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  1. Handsomedaf says:

    That’s made me really want to watch Head again. Great to see Interestment back on our tellies again, I mean in our computer, or on the internet or you know what I fucking mean! RIP Davy x

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