Interestment is BACK! BOOM!

Now stop cheering

The last peep from Interestment came in 2010, around Christmas time. It was a different world back then – less handsome faces running the country, fewer people were unemployed. The whole place has been yinning and yanging ever since. For our part, we’ve been out there by the coalface trying to make ends meet, with varying degrees of success. But there’s been a hole in our hearts, and it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that it’s an Interestment shaped one. So we’re back. Perhaps not at the same frequency as before – thanks to the whole having day jobs thing – but back nonetheless. Back to celebrate the beauties of yore, the finest foods, celebrity birthdays, and back to create endless lists of things that may or may not honestly matter to anyone. Please feel free to join in the fun.

Welcome to a brave new world. Again.

Take it away Dennis Brown!

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  1. Perry says:

    Like the blog

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