Louis CK – very funny American gentleman alert!

New to us, but by gum he’s funny!

It’s not too often that a funny man slips under the Interestment radar, but we have to admit that were you to ask us about Louis CK any time prior to the last 48 hours, we’d assume that you’d just made an embarrassing fashion name dropping blunder. Oh how we’d laugh at you! But frankly, the joke’s on us, because this guy has been around for years, other people have been lapping him up, and we’ve been missing out. We’re the idiots. Anyway, enough waffle, here he is. And if you haven’t seen him before, prepare to take a big laughing grenade in the bladder… he’s our new favourite rude comedian.

(WARNING: For those who are a bit sensitive, it is really rather rude, and he swears like a sailor)

Louis CK, Part One


Part Two

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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