Sooo, what would YOUR political policies be?

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We’re not going to lie, when it came to politics in the past, were there a nice fence nearby, we’d fashion a makeshift cushion from our coats, and sit quite comfortably on the thing. But that has all changed.

After a rubbish few years, featuring the cold bitch slap of recession, the cruel cock punch of job loss, and actual wars happening where people are being killed, if you were ever thinking of taking an interest in politics, then this could be the time.

Rather fittingly, the Interestment inbox received an interesting email just this morning, asking us to come up with amusing (or, indeed, serious) policies for Yahoo’s People’s Policies website, which could actually be presented to the Prime Minister after the election. And that’s where you come in…

Simply suggest your policy in the form of a comment (below), and we shall send over the best ones as decided by you.

Here’s a promotional video to get your juices flowing:

18 Responses to Sooo, what would YOUR political policies be?

  1. algernonstrelb says:

    Compulsory waterskiing for all in the EU wine lake

  2. Snoopy says:

    We need a national catchphrase. How about “yes… we might”?

  3. Davey Dave says:

    Shorter working weeks, by at least four days

  4. Argon says:

    I think the eating of brunch should be compulsory

  5. Edgy says:

    We need to keep kids in cages

  6. Tommy Triumph says:

    I’m not keen on foxes, is there anything we can do to get rid of these pests?

  7. Graham Pilmoor says:

    Proportional representation: Bigger votes for bigger people.

  8. Graham Pilmoor says:

    Ban the ownership of a second home

  9. Graham Pilmoor says:

    Compulsory Statistics courses for politicians

  10. Olly says:

    I just want them to blow my mind…occasionally

  11. Pile Driver says:

    I’d like it to be hot at Christmas, like in Australia

  12. Reg says:

    Free school dinners!

  13. PC Jenkins says:

    I think that all policemen should be allowed machine guns

  14. Bertie Wooster says:

    Kids can only wear their hoods up if the weather dictates that they should. ie. during fierce winds, hurricanes, and downpours. Otherwise, they will instantly be hit with an ASBO.

  15. Dom says:

    All politicians should have beards

  16. Polly says:

    If you can speak, you can vote – hence, children included

  17. Forlan says:

    Bankers bonuses to be shared out amongst poor people, making them Robin Hoods, as opposed to Sheriffs of Nottingham

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