Album covers analysed: Suicide, Suicide

Yep, loud and clear, guys!

The rather more paranoid music lover has forever been looking out for subliminal messages from bands. There was that big furore in the 1960s when drugged-out hippies thought that they heard news that Paul McCartney had enjoyed his last pudding bowl haircut during a zany backwards-music bit on Sergeant Pepper. Judas Priest were once famously accused of actually using expensive studio time to whisper details of how to commit the perfect murder beneath one of their noisy heavy metal workouts. And Jim Morrison wore his Oedipus Complex pretty blatantly during one of his band’s more unusual psychedelic freak outs. And yet, every so often a band would come along, stick two fingers up at subtle imagery, and just put it out there – right in your face.  One such group being the magnificent synth-punk art house pipe smokers who made up the 1970s duo, Suicide. Nothing subliminal about this album cover, just a big scary word, and lots of red stuff that it quite probably meant to be blood. Shudder.

Here’s the band in action…

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