Things that look RUBBISH but are actually BRILLIANT: 1. Toes

Oh goodness, they’re horrible! (or are they?)


Ask anyone you know, toes are vile – by far and away the surest sign that human beings are, in fact, creatures. They’re sort of like claws, and the nails that grow from each one can cause all kinds of humiliation if left untrimmed, and then jammed into a bed partner’s leg during a very long midnight kissing session. And don’t even get us started on what exactly goes on in between them during the mid-late teenage years. It’s pretty brutal. BUT, toes are also excellent, and rather important too. Vital to a person’s balance, so they say. And should you fancy decorating an unusual area of your body with a shiny ring, or a very tiny tattoo, they’re absolutely perfect. Think about it, would you honestly trust someone who didn’t have toes? We probably all know the answer to that one.

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